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Fueling spiritual transformation through story, art, prayer, action, and generosity.

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Doug Morneau is a marketing expert and has been doing some great things with LinkedIn for a long time. I wnated to get in touch with him and ask him for a few tips because he is one a the few people I know who actually uses social media... more

Make A Living - Ricky Shetty's business advice has to do with building your network. Make A Difference - Ricky is passionate about making a difference in strengthening the family unit. Make Life - Ricky talks about trying to find a work... more

Ricky Shetty is the ?Daddy Blogger? from Vancouver, BC. He writes about parenting from a father's perspective. Ricky also runs the YVR (Vancouver) Media Group that includes YVR Bloggers, YVR Foodies, and YVR Dads. In... more

Dr. Ken Keis Ken Keis, Ph.D., is the President and CEO of CRG Consulting Group. He is a speaker, trainer, author, and coach. Ken was told by his grade 9 math teacher that he wouldn't amount to anything! Ken just finished his Ph.D. in... more

Ken Keis, Ph.D., is the President and CEO of CRG Consulting Resource Group. He is a speaker, trainer, author, and coach. Ken recently co-authored a book called ?Deliberate Leadership Creating Success Through Personal Style? with... more

For each interview we do we ask our experts to comment on the three Fuel Radio themes which are to Make a Living, Make a Difference and Make A Life. In this interview our guest Gina Battye who is an author, a certified life coach, and... more

In this interview: – What is Whole Way House? – Where did the idea for Whole Way House come from? – What is the neighbourhood like? Where did SRO's come from? – What is Jenny learning working at... more

In this Interview Jenny Konkin answers Fuel Radio's three big questions about Making a Living, Making A Difference, and Making a Life Make A Living Jenny's business advice has to do with having integrity. Jenny finds that when she does... more

What has been the key to the rapid growth of Mealshare to over 140 restaurants and 122,825 meals provided to charity in less than 2 years? Listen in to find out! Links Mealshare Fuel Radio

Desiree is an Insurance expert and partner with Three Sixty Financial Group. In this interview In the is interview Desiree provides insight on how to make a living, make a difference and live a healthy, vital life. Links Fuel Radio Three Sixty... more