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"One antidote for 'Hope' at a time..."

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On lie after another. It only lead us to their intended destination, which is total servitude! Soothsayer: a person who professes to foretell events.

Do you have what it takes to win the Liberty Prize? Do you have what it takes to keep it? RodericDeane.com

I just do not see a path that is forged by compromise! I can only see a path of total, unequivocal surrender! We want to be on the winning side of both history and life! RodericDeane.com

I know I've been in a funk lately, but what about you? The question is what do we do now? This show is all about one antidote at a time... P.S. For some reason, the audio for this show is absolutely awful! I apologize and have already taken... more

Obama thinks that he has the political clout to pass gun control and limit your 2nd Amendment rights. He has no idea how wrong he is! RodericDeane.com

What to make of amnesty and immigration issues? I'm joined by Gale David, retired Assistant Regional Director of INS, to discuss the means being used by the Obama administration to allow amnesty to almost a million illegal aliens.... more

What is the current lack of Benghazi coverage telling us? Is the Petreaus affair worse than what happened in Libya? RodericDeane.com

Have you voted? If not, why not? RodericDeane.com

Why should Benghazi matter and does the killing of a U.S. Ambassador deserve coverage in the mainstream media? I welcome your calls. This issue really concerns me! Christopher Stevens deserved far more than what the Obama... more

"Our Sarah - Made in Alaska" will be released on September 25, 2012. I had a chance to talk with Chuck Heath Sr. and Jr. about their efforts in writing the book. RodericDeane.com