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Rod is the coolest, most politically incorrect black man on the planet. Rod has a way of sometimes making Rush Limbaugh look like a Liberal. rodeccles.com Is an original political and society news, commentary and satire site with a Constitutional slant. Rod has always stood for the Constitution of the USA and expresses those views on his site, his blog and his talk show. Catch his talk show NOW ON THE CB MEDIA NETWORK here on Blog Talk Radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cbmedia-network) week nights from 10pm to Midnight Eastern Time USA Monday through Friday. Check out his all new website at www.rodeccles.com. Chat LIVE during the show.

On-Demand Episodes

On this edition of the Rod Eccles Show, Rod gives his take on the change in Cuban relations and why its not a great deal for the ordinary citizens of Cuba based on the Castro regime history. But its just another sign of Obama giving... more

On this edition of the Rod Eccles Show, Rod talks about the Iranian Nuke deal and why its a bad deal not only for the USA but the whole of the Middle East and the World. Also the Enviro-whackos want to take some of your health care... more

On this edition of the Rod Eccles Show, Rod talks about The American Dream. Is it still alive and well? Rod says yes but its not the dream you were told it was. Plus Rod brings you up to date on the important issues and events that... more

Tonight Rod will be broadcasting live from CPR and BTR. You may wish to tune in on CPR for better sound quality and for call in. Give a listen at 8pm Eastern Time.

Rod gets into the Iran Nuclear Deal, the continuing saga of the Indiana and Arkansas Religious Protection laws that the LameStream Media is touting as bigotry agains gays. Plus a whole lot more so dont miss a single minute.... more

Tonight on the Rod Eccles Show, Rod blast the Democrats for hypocricy and flat out lying. The Indiana and Arkansas Freedom Of Religion acts are no different from the Federal version signed into law and praised by President Bill Clinton.... more

Tonight on the Rod Eccles Show, Rod goes out of the month of March like a lion. His roar will now be heard on the CPR Radio Network. LIVE Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus Rod has an ALL NEW phone number for you to call the show. Toll... more

Rod talks about all the current events in politics and pop culture including Hillary and her email server problems, taxes, Obama and a whole lot more. Tune in tonight at 8p eastern time.


On this edition of the Rod Eccles Show, Rod delves into the mindset behind the Germanwings jet crash in France. Not just the co-pilot but all the post 9/11 thoughts that eventually allowed this to happen. There is more news on the... more
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