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Adult content show about real life subjects, issues and concerns around finance, relationships and family. Guests are encouraged to engage freely without reprimand.

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The Rob & Kai Show wants to invite you to share your testimony. Tell us how you got over, overcame and moved to the next level. How important is your faith to you? Your words maybe all it takes to inspire someone.
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When should you tell your secret or should you keep it yourself for life? We all have something in the closet or a secret that could hurt someone else. Let's talk about it and the best ways to handle it.

Have you ever missed out of a great job or promotion because of your tattoos? Join Kai and friends as they discuss this topic along with many other interesting and provocative subjects. Rob is on vacation, so the ladies are in charge.

Is it really abuse if she provoking the negative side of him to come out? If a woman starts hitting a man, at what point does enough becomes enough. We are all outrage over Ray Rice punching out his fiancé, but what would... more

How important is communication all aspects of our lives? What are the skills needed to effectively communicate? 8 out of 10 relationship failures point to the break down in communication. How do you know you have conveyed your... more

Our lives are way short to waste it not being happy, but what is happiness to one person may not make it for another. What does it for you and who is really responsible

Why do women keep picking men who beat them? And who fault is it a boy goes up to abuse women? Why do some women provoke men who otherwise are not violent to violence

The topics...1)Police brutality...The senseless killings of unarmed black men....2) What to do and not do if you feel threatened by the police....3) Abusive relationships... 4) Going Back

People in a relationship or married tend to cut off the intimacy when they are angry or in disapproval of their mates. But, is this right position to take considering that adults refuse to be told what to do? How do you overcome your own... more

Tonight's show will ask a very powerful question. How well will a relationship survive without God at the center? And special guest Lisa McGlownll debuts her hit single "Rejoice!". Log in and call in as we find out what inspired her.... more

Tonight's show is What does a man want/need out of a relationship and what is it that a woman wants/needs from a relationship? Does the person who makes the most money, lead the relationship? Does your mate have the right to deny you... more