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rob&jack america

rob & jack america: two idiots in the wasteland


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rob & jack america - radio without conscious, without concern for rules, without boundaries and conclusions, without instructions or talented host. it's about poetry, baby. another of those internet radio things but with a difference ...okay...no different, but we are here, not entirely queer, get used to it! because failure is still an option...

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our anniversary show, featuring pie eating contests, wet teeshirts, best ass, midget tossing, sponge bathing etiquette and even more. we bring james darman to the forefront for another hour and a half you will never get back.

Rob&Jack America: two old punks puking up pasts is pleased to have a show that no one listens too and the gov't seems to hate. this week, RAINDOG of Lummox Press is spreading his unique madness. Listen and buy what we're selling... more

back in black, two idiots chase the american dream and a taste of key lime, wanting and hoping for words of derision, passion, and pus filled open wounds. special guest poet karl koweski will blow up the studio w/insanity driven poetics... more

say a prayer and pass the ammo, rob & jack america are on the waves w/special dj BRIAN FUGGETT of ZYGOTE IN MY COFFEE. we will discuss various pie recipes, lawn bowling and the perfection that is Britney Spears taint. Also,... more

poetic voices from dark alleys and deep water tuna fishing, rob & jack america spin the light fantastic revealing in spoiled and soiled adult diapers and related bodily functions. yes we are back w/show seven. our special guest is... more

90 minute special to discuss advanced poetics of the mayan civilization, beers of poland, the exploitation of medical experimentation on mice and poetry of the big city. featuring zack moll from o-eye-o.

a discussion of small press polemics, neutonian gravitational laws, the blue period of picasso, the sexuality of lindsey lohan, and cheeses of belgian. also, featuring brian fugett of tainted coffee press & zygote in my coffee press.

a nuanced show about polemic voices of poetry, live from new york and california, and liable to make you rethink the viability of walking upright. lisa latourette recent of TAINTED COFFEE PRESS will be around to read stuff and put up w/our... more

another edition of the fire eating insanity of all-america poetry that will make you change the channel, avoid eating, and cause violent anal bleeding. don't listen unless you don't want those 60 minutes back in life. featuring jason neese.

The continuing sage of two intrepid poet warriors traveling the world in search of perfect form, style, content and structure; chasing the great american dream of fame and glory through written word; boldly seeking fresh voices of poetic... more
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