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Promoting human excellence through the power of the mind, health of the body, spiritual fulfillment and wealth by conscious choice making and design. 巫 Wu - (Shaman) - Wisdom keeper, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Advisor & Healer, Self-Reliance & Primitive living Instructor. Workshops & One-on-One. Author, Speaker, 神操纵 Ch'i cao zong practitioner

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Open line night, call in and be part of the show. Host Robin Dexter along with Guest Co-Host Rev. Anthony Farmer, UOS, OUnI, Teacher and Guide, Interfaith Minister/Interspiritual Cleric, who is walking a shaman's path, will hold Open Mic... more

Dean G Allen, PhD of is interviewed by Robin Dexter in this multi-part program about his scientific approach to energy and the promotion of his new eBook. In support of our current times when humans begin... more