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Robert Kirkconnell, Author of "American Heart of Darkness" http://www.amazon.com/American-Heart-Darkness-Transformation-Pathocracy/dp/1479793213/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid= Explores the hidden history of America and how this affects us today. Also explores the hidden power structure and the real story behind current events.

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The most outlandish conspiracy theory around is what the National Security State expects the American people to swallow! Of course, it does not make sense, but what really happened on 9/11 and who was behind it? Further, how was... more

Macro Social Evil in the Post JFK Era: The JFK Cover-up The Other Assassinations The Drug Trade Continuum Neocolonialism The Eugenics Continuum Capitalism and Structural Genocide The Anglo American Empire and... more

Here is what we are not hearing in the Major Media. Afghanistan: The Making of a Narco State Biofuel project could clean up mines world wide The American Public Gets Distracted From Torture Did Drought and Climate Change Cause Middle... more

We will continue to explore how the Power Elite are able to use Whites against Blacks resulting in everyone losing entitlements and benefits. As long as Whites think Blacks are using tax money for food stamps, welfare, etc. the Power... more

Ferguson did not come out of nowhere. America has had a hidden agenda since the 1600s of racism, genocide, and militarism that can be traced on a critical path to the present. This critical path is the course we are on today, and it has to... more

Some stories are so evil that they just do not get reported, at least not in Major Media. And some are so evil that they don't even get reported in alternate media. The global drug trade that fuels the Anglo-American Empire is one of them.... more

Your host, Bob Kirkconnell is thrilled that we are able to have JFK Secret Service Agent Abaham Bolden on the program again! Bob will introduce him and then Abraham will share some of his experiences and insights. Questions from Bob... more

Your host, Bob Kirkconnell, author of American Heart of Darkness, is doing a series: Is the Ebola virus a product of US biowarfare opperations? This audio is one of twelve in a series produced by Mike Adams of Biodefense,... more

We are delighted to have Beverley join us. She flew to Ferguson, Missouri and spent a week ?in the belly of the beast.? She has some very disturbing info to share with us that makes one wonder what the heck is going on? Marvin Gaye... more

Fulton reviewed American Heart of Darkness for the newspaper "The Sovereign Mixed Blood" and the review is also posted on Amazon. He is regularly involved in First Nations issues, and he has deep insight into complex issues. We are... more