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Robert Kirkconnell, Author of "American Heart of Darkness" http://www.amazon.com/American-Heart-Darkness-Transformation-Pathocracy/dp/1479793213/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid= Explores the hidden history of America and how this affects us today. Also explores the hidden power structure and the real story behind current events.

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It has happened to every empire in history, so how can the US be different. Do we really think this will go on forever? Lets take a look at population growth, debt growth, global climate change, the ongoing mass-extinction, constant warfare,... more

911 is a tangled web indeed. In addition to the miriad Joint Chiefs of Staff exercises on that day, security breaches, and other oddities, we have shocking connections. One of these is the pentagon comptroller who could not account... more

The answer to this question will surprise you! According to Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, the overreach of local police began during the George W. Bush administration, when Michael Chertoff, who holds dual... more

Just look at who the front runners are for president! The entire country has gone nuts! Trump, Hillary, Sanders, Westley Clark? And the list goes on... So the US is just being nice to Iran? More police killings every day, in fact, about three... more

What is behind all of this talk about GMOs, natural, organic, etc. and what does it mean to you? The FDA has your back, right?

As shocking as it may seem, what is behind all of the headlines is the "globalist" initiative to use Guns, Oil, and Drugs to: Gain control of the global economic system Depopulate the planet Take control of all resources globally Destroy any... more

We have a licensed psychotherapist coming on the program! Trauma is her specialty, and she has spent years in private practice treating it. In these two hours, your host Bob Kirkconnell and co-host Jim McDonald will introduce our... more

Recent study at Princeton determined that the US is no longer has the critical elements necessary to qualify as a democratic republic. No, voting alone just does not do it. The US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite which is called an... more

You won't believe what this is connected to! Our program researchers have found that most of the news about the Middle East is coming from the Special Activities Division of the CIA! SITE also released the phony Bin Laden videos years ago... more

We are delighted to have researcher Al Cline on the show to discuss this facinating topic. You might want to check this video out before the show! https://youtu.be/BlZPcrhttoM