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We Will Bring To You The Mysteries of The East Texas Piney Woods And Swamps. And News Of Cryptids From Around The US.

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Geof has been reseraching in Frinklin and Adams county in Pa, for 4years. He has organized meetings with the local people and has got to know many of them. When Geof first begain his quest to understand this creature he was looking... more

tonight our guest is Vic Cundiff, For as long as he can remember, he has been a huge fan of monsters and things that go bump in the night. One would think that it's only natural, that as he got older, he began to research various... more

Mike Hall is a professional Actor with several feature films and TV appearances to his name...films such as the soon to be released Liongate movie ''Devil's Deal'' where he plays a supporting role as ''Levi'', as well as films such as... more

Paul Hulsey willl be on the Big Thicket Watch Radio tonight. We will be talking about his work and we will play some sounds we got in the field. Paul has been a long time researcher and investagator. Paul will have many storys to tell us.... more

Thats right folks I will give up my set as host and turn it over for one night, to long time resarcher Randy Lodder. Randy has done field work in WA and has had experiences in Canada. Randy has been a soldier and tree planter and has had... more

Came listen To the The Big Thicket Watch Radio as we talk with Mike Wooley about his experiences with the creature we call Sasquatch.He has been in the field for many years and has seen sasquatch up close. Chased by them and... more

Gary Wiggins has worked as a Archeologist in the Sam Houtson National Forest for over thirty years. In all that time he has had many encounters with the creature we like to call Sasquatch. Gary is also an author. The guys from the... more

Will Jevning will be talking with the guys from The Big Thickett Watch Radio, this sunday the 29th at 9pm central time. We will share some laughts and swap Sasquqtch stores, all while haveing a bit of fun.

Thats right folks Wes and Woody Germer will be here tonight on The Big Thicket Watch radio to tell us of some of their scarest encounters with the creature we all know as Sasquatch. The guys from the Watch will also tell some of ours. Come... more

Thats right folks we will have a full house sunday night. Misty will tell us about some of her experinces. And Mo will give us an update on a hairrasing experince he had while alone one night not long ago.Lupe will tell us about an audio he... more