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A personal note from Robb… "As we bring 2013 to a close, I am also bringing Leading LIFE Large to a close on BTR. I will be moving my show to Voice America on January 15, 2014. My last live show on Blog Talk Radio will be Monday January 6th and I promise to bringing your New Year in with grandness. Doing this work that I do for you has given me regular opportunity to look at my own life and look at where I need to pick my own game up, which is why I am moving to a bigger stage. I will continue to be completely committed to helping you achieve success in every endeavor and every aspect of your life. I am going to give you everything I've got this next year so that you get everything you need to bust out and live a phenomenal life. So, let you and me go for it...I mean really go for it and see what happens. To your 'unreasonable' success in 2014! - Robb" Leading LIFE Large™ is your weekly opportunity to look closely at your life and ask yourself the question, "Am I living my life full on?” We've all got this one shot at life and for most, life has meant leaving behind dreams and desires and ambitions that may have in the moment been intended to be temporary, but became the permanent reality of life. Life unfulfilled, life without passion and excitement and life without a grand purpose became the result. Leading LIFE Large™ will get you back on track. Robb Braun has for years been completely determined to living life on his own terms and has helped thousands get back to the essence of who they are and their purpose for being here on the planet. When you tune in to Leading LIFE Large™, Robb will remind you again of what's important to you by shining a light on the areas of your life where you have settled and stopped feeling the passion. AND if you're willing to tune in and do the work, he'll guide back to that place of truth and knowing and real purpose in your life. Make Leading LIFE Large™ your Monday Morning Must!

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Leading Life Large™ - Reality is, no matter how skilled, how efficient, how knowledgeable and how great you are - you limit your success when you don't leverage yourself. Tune in while I share with you how to successfully delegate,... more

Leading Life Large™ - You and I don't succeed without our team...the team at work, the team assigned to us or the team at home. We are not meant to succeed without our team and the reality is we can't. Sure, we may have temporary... more

Leading Life Large™ - We've heard it before...change is the one constant. Yet, we fight and resist change constantly. We resent having to moving in a new direction, especially when we weren't the cause. And, the longer we resist, fight and deny... more

Leading Life Large™ - As I turned 48 this weekend, I made it a point this entire last week to celebrate my life...all aspects of my life. When's the last time you celebrated YOU? Tune in and I'll share what I did and what you can do too.

Leading Life Large™ - Kahlil Gibran in 'The Prophet' said "Work is love made visible." I regularly share with clients "If you don't enjoy your work, find something about it you can enjoy - if you can't find somehting about it to enjoy, move on!"... more

Leading Life Large™ - Managing our time is something many of us struggle with. I know there are many things in our life that simply take time from us, whether we want them to or not. And...I know there are many things out there that we... more

Leading Life Large™ - 'Somebody's Angel' is based on the principle that even the smallest acts of kindness can profoundly change the lives of those we encounter. We can make a difference regardless of our circumstance and, indeed be,... more

Leading Life Large™ - We all have times when we are not attracting the kind of successes we want. We're not getting he sale, the appointment, the returned phone call, the client, the employee to follow direction, the sales numbers and... more

Leading Life Large™ - I heard someone say "You have to work hard to be broke in our country." Though I disagree with that statement, I do believe we have access to every bid of abundance we desire, in every aspect of our lives. I also... more

Leading Life Large™ - Ever have days when you looked back and asked yourself, "What did I accomplish today?" What about the days when you've made the statement, "All I did today was put out fires." These happened because you... more