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Arts/Crafts and underground music from an underground musician. Everything and anything from a 20 something point of view.

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Ditch the safety pins, black and white shirts, and left wing socialist ideals I'm talking about my punk rock! Going to dig deep and reveal moments in my life and why I connect to punk rock and not mohawks, studded belts, and spikey hair.... more

Hey! Take a Chill Pill! I'll FILL you in on my next episode about Phil's. I'm taking a moment to salute anyone named Phil and how they relate to us as individuals or don't relate. Know any Phils? Not a problem! I'll ROAR about plenty of them!... more

Hollywood ROARS! and we all watch! We head to the movies and delve into the art of movies. Grab some popcorn and a big gulp and lets roar. ROAR!

Puff the ROAR Dragon! Magic is an everyday event and delites us all, but is there a darker side? How much of Magic is art and how much is trade? Do you believe in magic? ROAR!

ROAR! Do you care for bears? Would you share a pear with a bear? Let's find out in this wacky episode! ROAR!

This is an Art Talk show! Not a Sports Talk show! Well I'm going to spill the beans about my love for the art of boxing and how there's so much going on in a sport of high cost. This ain't the MMA! IT'S ROAR! Roar!

We are doomed from the begining and yet smile anyway. The mystery of death and the excitement of horror. We're roaring about death and horror and nothing inbetween. When you're feeling scared just ROAR and it'll go away. ROAR!

I'm talking about Money and the Artist, two things that do not go hand in hand...or do they? Is the starving artist just a myth or are we all starving for something? More hippy talk and ramblings. Roar!

In this episode I discuss my favorite emotion, ANGER! It is great for art and the soul. Where does it cross the line and when is it funny? ROAR!

The first episode featuring the topic "Animation". It's a freeform disscussion that's all about anything. Animation is my favorite form of art and what I tend to know most about so I'll talk about it.