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The road too revolution

The Road Too Revolution


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Tucker and Mace, two average guys, ok maybe slightly below average (C or C-) trying to make a difference. Journey with us, on the Road Too Revolution Show

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Seriously, Stop Your Damn Drama. Everyone, on ALL sides. Finding common ground in a divided America.

Tucker, Mace and the Doctor dicuss how the mental heath system treats it's patients. Now believe us, we are professionals....sort of.

Tucker and Mace talk about recent events involving the police and public, social breakdown, and the solution. Joined once again, by the Doctor.

Tucker and Mace discuss the Federal Reserve in Layman's Terms, and try understand it themsevles (please, correct us if we are wrong.)

Tucker and Mace are going to try REALLY hard to stay on the wagon of bringing you the best of ourselves. Wev'e changed, honesty! Seriously we've done A LOT of thinking, We know we failed. We will do better! We REALLY... more

Tonight Tucker and Mace discuss civil rights Vs. Civil unrest

Tucker and Mace talk about the problem with the mentality "It is not my problem."

Tonight, Tucker and Mace discuss,"Be the change you want to see." We also; discuss why some people cannot change

Tucker and Mace talk about the diversionary and divisionary tactics used by the current administraition to keep WE THE PEOPLE fighting among ourselves.

As sceduled for last week,Tucker and Mace talk the First Amendment, Free Speech! So if you don't like what we say, SAY SO! But remember, it is better to be thought of as a a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all dought!