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The important Political Economic issues of the day are discussed so you understand how they affect your money and your lives.

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Why is there no economic growth to speak of in the world? Has the decline of social values affected the economy? Has the cost of the decline pulled the economy down with it. How can we overcome the slippery slope we are on?
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Political Economics will discuss The Bilderberg Group and how they influence world econnmies and other evnets. The organization was founded in 1954 and has remain relatively secret until recently. The group is a major power in... more

Is the US dollar being de-dollarized in the Global Economy? There is plenty of reason to answer in the affirmitive. We will review the facts that have been presented on the program over the last few months that show the dollar is under... more

The World Chaos taking place today is at an explosive situation. Join us as Mike and I try to put the pieces together for you and how you can prepare for any downturns.

Learn how politicals and economics cross each other and how you are affected.

The debate continues on Tyranny and Anarchny in America. Join us to learn how both have taken hold in our Great Land.

We are seeing acts of Tyranny in America by the government, but are we not seeing acts of Anarchy by the government and the people. We will d\scuss cause and effects of situations in America that are contributing to both ends of the... more

Explaining today's money and finance and the political side of finance.

A special program to show you ways to be prepared for disasters that might occur. Will talk about money, food storage, clothes, communications, gardening, and protection.

Continuing the discussion about our Founding Fathers and the US Constitution. Discussing the current events that are affecting our lives on a daily basis.

Special 4th of Ju;ly program with great sound bites and music celebrating the founding and history or the United States of America.