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Rita Badaloni Hodges

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Hello listeners! My name is Rita Badaloni and I am your Featured Host, and I discuss Prevention/Intervention. We are a Non~Profit Organization. I started the, "Help Teens Say NO to Alcohol and Drugs Foundation" which proceeds will start benefiting "The Smart Dating" Programs that I will introduce to High Schools, The LEAP ORG and the Juvenile and Adult Criminal Justice Systems. You can make your donation by visiting www.theserenityshow.net and hit the DONATE button to make your much needed contribution. Individuals that have healthy relationship skills are more likely to make healthier choices in other life situations. I am a strong advocate for recovery and the 12 steps and in helping young adolescents, teens, and young adults in finding workable solutions to a healthier way of living in also helping parents and family members in finding new directions to a new beginning. What is different about my show is that all shows are geared towards my own lived experiences, education, research and many years of knowledge in chemical dependency, mental illness, relationships/marriage/divorce and behavioral dispositions. I am bold and not for the weak, and I am God conscious, but if you are willing to make changes, you will benefit from me. I am about real talk, real solutions always leading to a healthier way of living. The Serenity Show is always about hope of reaching at least one individual in changing their thoughts, behaviors, or actions towards a new beginning. This is always my goal to help others for a brighter future, to instill hope for a greater tomorrow and that dreams are possible, touchable, to breathe life into them and watch them unfold before you. You just have to be willing to see the light! Believe it can happen and it will happen! In fact, “The truth is, I believe; by messing it up, can only lead to rightness” (Hodges, 2015). Life is short and time is precious so stay light hearted, If you would like to advertise with The Serenity S

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