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84 has arrived and we are happy to fill the Metsian void with its presence this offday. The team overall has not done well of late and have brought themselves back to 8 games under 500 after failing to ever reach 3 under. They did have a... more

The Rising Apple Report is remarkably already 83 episodes in, and today, we present to you a Trading Deadline Special! Sam Maxwell will host, with site editor Danny Abriano and staff writer Rich Sparago joining him for the piping hot Mets... more

The All Star break represents the theoretical end to the first half of the baseball season (though this one is more than half over). The Rising Apple Team will break down the Mets' first half. We'll discuss a variety of topics, including the... more

The Mets are four games into the second half of their season, and things aren't looking very good. Sam Maxwell and Rich Sparago will chat at 6 pm about what has gone wrong in 2014, and what to expect for the rest of this season. Will the... more

The New York Mets continue trudging on 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Since we last met on the Rising Apple Report, they impressively split a series at home with the Mighty Oakland A's, but then lost 3 of 4 in Pittsburgh and got swept out of... more

Want your Mets fill during Monday's off day? Tune in for the Rising Apple Report at 8 PM! Joining Rising Apple's Rich Sparago and Sam Maxwell, will be Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flusing, and John Coppinger. There's plenty... more

Summer is upon us, and with temperatures on the rise Sandy Alderson is beginning to feel the heat. Ownership's ongoing financial struggles continue to handcuff his ability to raise payroll, his field manager continues making... more

The Rising Apple Report's 77th episode arrives, even if the end of the Mets/Cubs game hasn't yet. It's been an uneven road trip, taking 4 out of 5 from the Phillies in 57 Brotherly Lovin' innings, then blowin' it twice so far in Chicago. Before... more

After a tumultuous homestand, the Mets head on the road having collected wins from the last 2 games against the Pirates. They've got a new hitting coach in Lamar Johnson, and Jose "Papa Grande" Valverde is no longer a bullpen... more

Well, we apparently survived the weekend, but with the way us on Twitter were acting starting Friday, you'd think we'd all be dead from heart attacks by now. But alas, the Mets did not put us out of our misery, and they have all but done so to... more