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Madness & Reality Radio is the home of straight talk on progressive politics, social justice, pop culture, and everything that intersects, with a dose of reality .

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On a fateful day back in October of 2013 a woman driving with her child was shot and killed by police during a brief "chase" through the streets of Washington, D.C. The case held the attention of many at the time as via technology we were... more

Tonight's episode is going to wrap up the March Madness 2014 with a discussion on whether college players should be paid or not. We have a few special guests joining us this evening: Headache - Streetball Legend, Al Butler aka @AlbDamn... more

In this episode we speak with Pastor Victor White Sr. and his attorney Carol Powell-Lexing about the investigation into the mysterious death of Victor White III in police custody. After an arrest for marijuana possession by Iberia Parish,... more

Ever since the death of Trayvon Martin, and the subsequent not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman, Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law has come under fire. Many are advocating for its repeal in the state of Florida. The general... more

Well the verdict as you know already is in. There have been so many takes and so much said on this trial by the media and other's with vested interests in saying certain things and spinning things in a particular way. Tonight we will speak with... more

In this episode of we discuss a few high-profile cases of police brutality involving African-American citizens. We also interview the mother of a 17-year-old who in an encounter with a police officer a few weeks ago, was left with a fractured... more

One of our special guests tonight is well known blogger, writer and tv personality Danielle Belton. Her critically acclaimed blog The Black Snob is well known and she is also Editor-at Large for Clutch Magazine online and was the head... more

Tonight we will be discussing the current news relative to the Affordable Care Act going into effect on Oct 1, the subsequent Government shutdown and today;s latest event the gunfire and car chase on Capitol HIll which resulted in the death... more

Tonight we will be talking about gun violence in the news as we discuss the latest in the Washington DC Navy Yard shooting and the alleged perpetrator Aarron Alexis as well as the shooting this past weekend of an unarmed man Jonathan... more
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