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Join me today as I welcome Rusty Shackleford of The Jawa Report. We'll discuss the still unfolding story of the criminal case that will be presented by the US military against AP photographer Bilal Hussein - a turn of events Rusty is partly... more

Join me for The Rick Moran Show where I'll be talking with Kender of Kender's Musings, a great raconteur on Hollywood, politics, and everything else.

Today we'll talk about Pakistan and why this crisis may have the most fateful consequences for the United States. We'll also look at the security of Pakistans nuclear arsenal.

A look at polls, prognostications, and predictions about the candidates running for President in 2008.
Rick Moran

Lost show...again

  • by Rick Moran
I have no clue why the show did not record. I heard the intro so I know I was logged in correctly but there simply is nothing after it.I apologize again for these technical problems.

Join me today as I delve into the Rush Limbaugh controversy. I'll have Frank Martin of the blog Varifrank on to look at what Limbaugh said but also the Democratic reaction to it and the free speech questions it and the Moveon.org... more

Join me and my special guest Ed Morrissey of Heading Right Radio for a discussion of Iran, US policy, and that madcap munchkin from the Land of Oz, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Rick Moran

Streaming my last show (9/18)

  • by Rick Moran
Due to some technical issues (technically, I'm an idiot), the first 11:30 or so of the show was lost. You can use your cursor to move the show forward on the player to where actual living people are carrying on a conversation.I apologize for... more

Join me and my special guest Shaun Mullen of "The Moderate Voice" blog for a discussion on Iraq, presidential politics, and anything else we choose to argue about.
Rick Moran

A Promise to Listeners

  • by Rick Moran
It's been a while since I went live with The Rick Moran Show but that is going to change.From here on out, I'll be on every Tuesday from 3-4:00 PM central time hopefully with a guest. If not, we'll find something interesting to talk about.I hope... more