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On-Demand Episodes

Join me and my guests including Stephen Green of Vodkapundit for a look at Obama's first foreign trip.

Join me and my guests Ed Morrissey of Hot Air and Jennifer Rubin of Commentary Magazine as we discuss government getting into the auto industry and other cool stuff Obama is doing.

Join me tonight for a discussion on whether Americans are depressed over what the Obama Administration is doing. My guests will be Jazz Shaw of the Moderate Voice and Fausta Wertz of RealClear World.

It's an all "American Thinker" night as I welcome my colleagues Rich Baehr and Ed Lasky from AT to discuss the AIG bonuses and other political matters.

Join me for a discussion of Obama's foreign policy so far with The Atlantic Council's (and Outside the Beltway editor) James Joyner.

Join me and my special guests Jazz Shaw, Jennifer Rubin, and Dr. Melissa Clouthier for a stimulating discussion on who's in charge of the Republican party?

Join me and Robert Stacy McCain, Steve Green, and Fausta Wertz as we take a sneak peak at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)which will run Thur-Sun in Washington, D.C.

Join me and my guests Clarice Feldman, Kim Priestap, and Kender Macgowan for a passionate discussion of the fairness doctrine.

Join me and Barry Rubin of the GLORIA Institute and Rich Baehr of the American Thinker for an in-depth look at the issues, the parties and the personalities involved in the Israeli elections for the Knesset.

Join me and Jazz Shaw for an hour of insults, laughter, and serious discussions on the week in politics.