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Join me and two prominent conservative bloggers as we look at the question: Is the US still a center-right country?

Join me, Jazz Shaw and Fausta Wertz for a look at issues surrounding the presidential transition.

Join me for a special edition of "The Rick Moran" show as I welcome Ed Morrissey of Hot Air, Rich Baehr of The American Thinker, and Jennifer Rubin of Commentary blog for a close look at the election.

Join me and American Thinker's Rich Baehr as we take a look at the race 7 days out from the voting.

Join me tonight for a rollicking discussion of politics as I welcome Rich Baehr and Stephen Green back for another slam bang show.

Join me and my usual sidekick Rich Baehr as we take a look at the state of the race this Tuesday, October 14.

Join me tonight as I preview the debate with Jazz Shaw of Midstream Radio. Is this McCain's last chance to change the race?

Join me and my special guest, American Thinker frequent contributor Kyle-Anne Shiver for a preview of the VP debate and a look at the media attacks on Sarah Palin.

Join me and Vodkapundit's Stephen Green for a preview of Friday's first debate as we'll as a look at some of the latest polls. If you're tired of listening to talk about the bailout, my show will be a "Bailout Free Zone!"

Join me and the usual suspect Rich Baehr of the American Thinker as we look at the state of the race today, September 16.