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Join me and my guests Jen Rubin of Commentary Mag and Ed Morrissey of Hot Air as we look at taxes, health care, and all things politics.

Join me for another all-American Thinker night as I welcome Ed Lasky and Rich Baehr for a freewheeling discussion about the recent AIPAC conference as well as the usual political pastiche.

Join me as I welcome Jazz Shaw and Fausta Wertz to discuss Obama's first 100 days and other political news.
Rick Moran

A thousand pardons

  • by Rick Moran
I had to cancel last nights show due to both massive computer problems and my own stupidity. It seems I forgot to schedule the show for a full hour which means the default "15 min" entry was used. In additon, my laptop - that I am using as... more

Join me for an all American Thinker night as I welcome my AT colleagues Rich Baehr and Ed Lasky for some discussion of the Somali pirates and tommorrow's tea parties.

Join me and my guests including Stephen Green of Vodkapundit for a look at Obama's first foreign trip.

Join me and my guests Ed Morrissey of Hot Air and Jennifer Rubin of Commentary Magazine as we discuss government getting into the auto industry and other cool stuff Obama is doing.

Join me tonight for a discussion on whether Americans are depressed over what the Obama Administration is doing. My guests will be Jazz Shaw of the Moderate Voice and Fausta Wertz of RealClear World.

It's an all "American Thinker" night as I welcome my colleagues Rich Baehr and Ed Lasky from AT to discuss the AIG bonuses and other political matters.

Join me for a discussion of Obama's foreign policy so far with The Atlantic Council's (and Outside the Beltway editor) James Joyner.