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A storm has erupted in academia and the educational establishment over a new curriculum being developed for the Advanced Placement program in high schools. Specifically, the section dealing with American history has come under withering... more

Join us for another thought-provoking episode of the RINO Hour of Power with your host Rick Moran and special co-host Jazz Shaw of Hot Air. How big a threat to the US is Islamic State? What are the politics of our response to the terror... more

The riots in Ferguson, MO over hte kllling by police of an unarmed black man has been international news for 2 weeks. But will it impact the mid term elections? Join us for another truth-telling episode of the RINO Hour of Power, with... more

Important primaries in Kansas and Tennessee, the Ebola outbreak and what it might mean for the US, border security - we'll discuss all of these topics with our guest Matt Lewis, columnist for the Daily Caller, on the RINO Hour of Power.... more

It's a bizarre situation in Washington as several pundits and commentators have openly wondered if the president of the United States is as engaged as he should be. As the world literally spins out of control, the president appears to be... more

There are many rank and file Republicans who believe President Obama should be impeached. They point to what they believe are numerous impeachable offenses, including the most serious charge; a deliberate failure to "faithfully... more

Whose border is it anyway? And who is responsible for protecting it? Beyond the humanitarian crisis, there is the frightening notion that we've lost our soveriegn ability to control our own borders. Simply put, no border control, no sovereignty.... more

The short answer is yes? But what's the difference between the way liberals love America and the way conservatives do? We'll discuss the issue on this week's episode of RINO Hour of Power with Jazz Shaw of Hot Air and Fausta Wertz of... more

The dissolution of Iraq, an illegal immigrant crisis on our border - the world is seemingly falling apart and we hardly know why. Scholar, author, and columnist Victor Davis Hanson will join the RINO Hour of Power and help us try and make... more

Join us for another episode of the RINO of Power with your host, Rick Moran. The terrorists of the ISIS along with thier Sunni tribal allies are forcing some harsh realities to emerge in Iraq. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has now called for a... more