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Winner - 2010 USA Book News Award in Home: Environmental/Health. Dr. Joyce Starr rocks the power with solution-driven content and wit. A noted author, publisher and radio talk show host, she's a passionate advocate for consumer rights, economic rights, homeowner rights, health rights, political rights and security rights. Dr. Starr packs her shows with high-profile guests, cutting-edge topics, hard facts and insights that are ahead of the news. She's a recognized authority on homeowner rights and a sought-after adviser on condo & HOA problems - please visit StarrPublications. Author of 15 books, she offers author coaching on book structure and proposal submissions - in partnership with a leading NY literary agency. STARR Publishing works are available through bricks and mortar bookstores, online book stores, Kobo Books, the iPhone, iPad and Kindle. And when she's not writing books, hosting radio shows and coaching, she stays on top of issues that count. Knowledge is power, words matter and time is precious. Her recent (diverse) works include: How to Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights - What to Do When the Board Turns Your Life Upside Down; Secondhand Smoke Crimes: When Neighbors Poison You, Your Family & Pets; and...Bible Scriptures on Water: Inspiration from the Source (iPhone & Kindle).

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Overcoming childhood trauma: The Center for Disease Control states that over 60% of adults suffer from adverse childhood experiences. My guest is James P. Krehbiel, psychotherapist and author of Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life. “I... more

RightsRadio.com: Most people assume that banks and auto lenders don't care about your credit report "backstory" - the reason(s) for a low score. Guest Joe Stallard explains why and when they do. He shares a story about a client who... more

Bankruptcy: Should you file for Chapter 7? Filing for Chapter 7 has both benefits and perils. The first question you should ask yourself (if the attorney fails to do so): Do the sums involved justify the pain? I interviewed numerous attorneys... more

Some of my closest friends were smokers. That was then; this is now. I now see smokers in a different light - as DNA robbers who can permanently damage and shorten your life. Florida International University recently banned smoking... more

Hang on to your cash for the coming crash of the Middle Class. No one knows for certain whether the market will continue spiraling upwards or return to Mother Earth. But there are certainly ominous signs... Is a person who loses their home,... more

Words of wisdom to help you laugh/smile your way through the holidays - especially if you're flying to your destination.

RightsRadio.com: I turned off the shower, but the water kept dripping. How could that be? It was a new shower head, tightly installed. I looked up. To my horror, the ceiling looked like a cow's udder threatening to explode. I envisioned sackfuls of... more

RightsRadio.com: Aiport security scans/pat-downs. Where have you seen these images before? Public humiliation, naked bodies. Degradation of the elderly, debasement of women and children. Fasten your seat belts, examine the facts... more

I like Toyotas and even owned one along the way. But I was flabbergasted to view their latest television ad. It's way below the struggling American belt. Find out why. (Great news! It appears that Toyota has removed the... more

A farmer in Kansas found the American Eagle in his barn, struggling with horrific wounds to his left wing. The right wing was in better shape, but growing weaker by the day from internal injuries. What happened to the Eagle? Listen and... more
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