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Faith based RealityTV, What is it good for? Join RNTR for a live discussion. #truereligion #realitytv #RNTR

Join Right Now Talk Radio as we discuss Madness of March. Topics include College Basketball Brackets, Womens History Month, Michigan's Ruling on Gay Marriages, Current News and Headlines. #RightNowTalkRadio #Gaymarriage... more

Super Bowl Sunday is the most celebrated sporting event in the US, don't be penalized for not knowing the plays. Vegas will kickoff rule book basics just in time for Sunday's big game and Jennifer has the how-tos and what to do for the... more

What's your New Year's Resolution, why do we make them and more importantly how do we keep them? Hosted by LaVentra E. Danquah, Vegas and Jennifer Leigh.

2013 Year End Review . Join RNTR as we review major topics and issues of this amazing year 2013. Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman, Obamacare, School Safety and Mandela, just to mention a few and could anyone get enough of... more

Join RNTR as we try to prevent your mate from giving you another awful Christmas Gift. Thoughtful gift giving tips that will never be forgotten.

Making Your Money Matter During The Holidays & Beyond #Blackfriday #Holidayspending #Collegesavings #budget #money #finance

RNTR continues new series, Money Matters.

RNTR starts a new series, Money Matters. How conscience are you about your spending patterns? How open are you about how money influences your decisions and behaviors? Does it matter? We're going there, join... more
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