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Coach Rick has helped many baseball and softball players as well as athletes across the country with his mentoring services, performance coaching and motivational speaking. Perform at your best and see how Coach Rick can help you do just that! Listen to his shows to get proven tips and strategies to practice and play like a champion. He will address many issues that can effect an athlete's performance.

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Even When you fail be confident in your sport. Learn now!

Why does it seem winners always win? There is certain characterisics of winners Coach Rick will talk about the necessities that are needed to win in athletics and life.

Wow how many times do you find yourself allowing your mind to tell you this is to hard or I can't do it? Mind of Matter listen to Coach Rick tell you how to stop these negative thoughts.

Rick will discuss topics that effect most athletes today.

During this episode Rick will discuss topics such as productive outs, maximizing the small game, teamwork and many other topics to help you and your team play winning baseball. Winning the game doesn't always mean you played winning... more

This episode will consist of certain exercises that players can do to help with their vision, tracking, and focusing as well as concentration all vital to be the best in your sport. How many sports besides golf doesn't have some type of... more

You hear elite athletes talking about getting in the zone..slowing the game down. Rick will talk about how to properly get into the zone to help you achieve greatness in your sport.

This segment will talk about how to properly prepare yourself mentally and physically to play like a champion in any sport you play. Rick will provide some proven tips to bring out the champion in you!

This segment will address the importance and the proper way to prepare before compeition. Rick will address subjects such as to when to eat before games and how to prepare yourself both physically and mentally before games.

Do you feel your have talent in your sport but don't seem to perform? Do you get nervious or feel distracted during practices and games? Is there things off the playing field that is causing you to not perform at your best? Rick who has... more
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