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Coach Rick has helped many baseball and softball players as well as athletes across the country with his mentoring services, performance coaching and motivational speaking. Perform at your best and see how Coach Rick can help you do just that! Listen to his shows to get proven tips and strategies to practice and play like a champion. He will address many issues that can effect an athlete's performance.

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What makes Coach Rick different? Why would you want him to speak to your baseball or softball teams? Listen to hear how he will be a game changer!

Fear is a word I hear almost every athlete say at one point in their career. Let me share with you how to combat fear and make it work for you rather against you.

This is an unique opportunity for coaches and players to call in and ask live questions you may have to Coach Rick Saggese pertaining to the mental game in baseball and softball.

How should you breathe to relax, for power or to improve mental focus? Listen in to Coach Rick's show to hear some proven ways to breathe for success!

What does it take to be a "Winning Parent" for kids in sports? How should you talk to your child after a bad practice or game? You know most of the time it's not the players that have the problem it's the parents. Parents have a major impact on a... more

What is your goal as a hitter? Find out how you can obtain a qualtiy at bat without getting a hit. This will keep your mind in a positive state which will set you up for long term success.

Believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to because 99% of the time it's YOU that holds you back not anyone or anything. Break through your barriers and achieve what you want in life.

Do you have goals? Learn how to properly set goals and use them to achieve what you want in sports or in life.

Great new e-books available now on iBookstore, Amazon Kindle and Nook for all players and coaches. This pertains to all sports and gives you secrets on how to maximize your ability as a player and connect with your players as a coach. For... more

Coach Rick will discuss the importance of focusing on the process and not the end result. Rise Above!
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