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Rick Bueter

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If you are concerned about your money, taxes, or your personal Freedom in the "New America" Rick Bueter provides an empowering perspective. Rick Bueter is a best selling author, economist and strategic wealth and tax expert. His first book, The Great Wall Street Retirement Scam unveils the lies about the American 401k and IRA system. His newest book, Build Your Bunker prepares Americans for the government's massive income tax plan and it provides the knowledge to hide money from income taxes forever. For more information about Rick visit www.RickBueter.com

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LIVE SHOW TODAY Wall Street shuts down today because of a technical glitch. The last time this happened was 9/11. If you are a 401k investor on Wall Street the truth about financial security in retirement is unveiled again. Listen to best... more

Rick Bueter unveils the Great Confiscation Period facing America in this simulcast of the Rick Bueter show. If you have financial assets in 401ks, IRAs and other investments it's time to build a financial bunker.

In this segment Rick Bueter shares his thoughts about America's retirement system. Learn why the traditional 401k doesn't work and what the government isn't telling participants that could cost their entire life's savings. It's what THEY... more

In this show Rick shares his thoughts about solar power development and how Eli Musk and Tesla are battling the war on Freedom. For more information about Rick Bueter visit www.RickBueter.com.

Pension Crisis, Stock Market Bubble and Financial Confiscation. Build your financial bunker America. b

Obamacare, Income Taxes, Debt Ceiling and more are the topics of this program with your host Amazon best selling author Rick Bueter.

Toll Free Call In (888)342-9919 Rick unveils his personal experience with Obamacare. What every small business owner is going through and what Americans need to know that is going to effect everything that has to do with... more

This segment is for business owners, entreprenuers, and anyone who runs their own business. Rick discusses the minimum wage, and what it means to independent Americans. Farmers, doctors, plumbers, equipment dealers tune in... more

As the United States of America faces the greatest debt levels in history, lawmakers are focusing in on how to pay the bills. Now the promises made by the Federal Government to those Americans who risked their lives, their families,... more