Wealth and Freedom

Wealth and Freedom

Rick Bueter

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Money, Taxes and Freedom. Wealth and Freedom is hosted by best selling author, Rick Bueter. This program is for independent thinking Americans, business owners and everyone concerned about their money and their Freedom. The government of today is not the government of the founding fathers nor of your grandfather's. It is a government filled with self serving individuals who write laws to benefit the profits of corporations without regard to the people. Freedom is directly correlated to money. When you realize that it's through your money, they Confiscate your freedom, you know what to do.

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Call in (888)342-9919. This is a simulcast of Wealth and Freedom TV Online. Watch the program LIVE at Wealth and Freedom TV. Obamacare, Income Taxes, Debt Ceiling and more are the topics of this program with your host... more

Toll Free Call In (888)342-9919 Rick unveils his personal experience with Obamacare. What every small business owner is going through and what Americans need to know that is going to effect everything that has to do with... more

This segment is for business owners, entreprenuers, and anyone who runs their own business. Rick discusses the minimum wage, and what it means to independent Americans. Farmers, doctors, plumbers, equipment dealers tune in... more

As the United States of America faces the greatest debt levels in history, lawmakers are focusing in on how to pay the bills. Now the promises made by the Federal Government to those Americans who risked their lives, their families,... more

In this program Rick Bueter shares the most wasteful government programs approved by Congressional Members that taxpayers in their districts pay for. Taxes are the legal confiscation of money. When you realize that money creates... more

Go to www.BuildYourBunker.com and STOP The Government Taxation Of Your Financial Future. BREAKING NEWS...Government In Crisis: In this special podcast Rick Bueter will address the current state of financial crisis. If you have... more

In this program best selling author Rick Bueter will discuss 401ks, IRAs and income taxes and why the debt ceiling is a threat to the financial security to business owners, individuals with 401ks and IRAs, and high net worth Americans.

Go to www.BuildYourBunker.com STOP The Government Taxation Of Your Financial Future! The freedom of every man, woman and child in America is at risk when Congress is in session. Tune in and hear what Rick Bueter, author... more

Go to www.BuildYourBunker.com STOP The Government Taxation Of Your Financial Future! Triple witching is coming this fall to financial markets everywhere. Tune in and listen to what best selling author Rick Bueter has to... more