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Rick Baker has been an investigative journalist for the past 20 years. His expertise has been government and law enforcement corruption. He has exposed police corruption in three different agencies in Southwest Colorado, bringing to light everything from moving violation scams to drug and murder coverups. His real-time coverage and subsequent two-year investigation into the 1998 Cortez, Colorado case of alleged cop killers Jason McVean, Alan Pilon and Robert Mason, exposed police corruption, drug deals gone bad and coverups by local law enforcement. After obtaining confidential coroner's reports and other documents, Baker claimed that it was law enforcement who killed McVean and Mason, as well as an innocent rafter from AZ. The official cause of death was ruled suicide The case was never re-opened in spite of Baker's providing evidence to the CBI. In 2010, Baker began investigating the missing persons case of the McStay family, a Southern California family of four who mysteriously disappeared in February of 2010, only to be found murdered when their bodies were found in November, 2013. In February, 2013, on the third anniversary of the disappearance, Baker released his third book, “NO GOODBYES: The Mysterious Disappearance of the McStay Family” both to critical acclaim and worldwide criticism. He pulled his book from distribution after the family's remains had been found. His book is still available as a free E-book download on his blog at: rickgbaker.com. Baker continues his investigation into what are now the McStay murders, with his sequel, “NO REMORSE: The Murder of the Innocent McStay Family, scheduled for release in December, 2014. “I am not in any way interferring with an open police murder investigation,” says Baker. “I am simply keeping the pressure on LE to solve this case.” In 2015, Baker will release his book detailing his investigation into the relationship between American Oncologists and the pharmaceutical companies. M

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What do Patrick and Michael McStay know about this case that they are not telling? They have both been running interference on this case since day one. Why?

Steph Watts will be my guest on Sunday night's show. His famous video of the McStay house when he toured it in February 2010 is known by all who follow this case. Call and ask him your questions. Here is his bio: Steph is a TV... more

Show #2: Gray Hughes in the first hour talks about his research into the tire tracks at the grave site. What vehicle made the tracks? When were they made? Is there any way for LE to examine old satellite photos of the site? Gray will be taking... more

The purpose of this show is to keep the McStay case at the forefront. It doesn't look to be solved anytime soon, so it is up to us to keep the name MCSTAY in everyone's mind. Who knows if someone knows something after all? I want to... more