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Listening to the Voice in Your Head: Seeking a Higher Level of Consciousness

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Living a Richer Life

Living a Richer Life


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May 15, 2014 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE – Life Changing Talk Radio Guest Interview with Marilou McIntyre, Ph.D., Noted Lecturer and Philosopher 

THIS WEEK'S MESSAGE:  If one day you could thoughtfully turn the direction of your life toward a level of higher consciousness, what would you yearn to discover? Would you come face-to-face with the consciousness that created and sustains you? Would you begin the greatest adventure of your life? On that day, would the motive for living and the quest for finding out why you exist both change?  Would you no longer live for yourself but for something greater? Would you no longer be driven by the motive for personal gratification but for lasting fulfillment and personal transformation? Can you trust the voice in your head?


0:43 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Good evening. This is Charlotte Grant-Cobb.

0:47 Earl Cobb

And this is Earl Cobb.

0:50 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Our theme for tonight's show is Listening to the Voice in Your Head: Seeking a Higher Level of Consciousness.

0:59 Earl Cobb

If one day, you could thoughtfully turn the direction of your life toward a level of higher consciousness, what would you yearn to discover? Would you come face to face with the consciousness that created and sustained you? Would you begin the greatest adventure of your life on that day with the motive for living and the quest for finding out why you exist both changed? Will you no longer live for yourself but for something greater? Would you no longer be driven by the motive for personal gratification, but for fulfillment and personal transformation? Some say that in order to achieve higher levels of human consciousness, you must listen closely to your inner voice, but should you trust that voice in your head?

2:00 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

We have with us, in our studio tonight, Dr. Marilou McIntyre, noted lecturer and author of The Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head. Welcome Dr. McIntyre to Living A Richer Life!

2:15 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Well, thank you! It's such an honor to be invited to talk with you lovely people and all your listeners.

2:23 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Excellent! We will begin our interview with Dr. Marilou McIntyre in our discussion on speaking a higher level of consciousness right after this message.

3:01 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Welcome back! Our theme tonight is Listening to the Voice in Your Head: Seeking a Higher Level of Consciousness and tonight's interview guest is Dr. Marilou McIntyre, noted lecturer and author of The Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head. Many of us are fast to admit that we have heard an inner voice urging us forward to a higher level of consciousness at some point in our life. Many of us would also admit that we got the message in one form or another to do something that seemed out of the ordinary. It might have been asking you to take a particular turn of a road, change an airplane flight or call someone just out of the blue. At times, most of us have had a strong knowing, such as knowing who was calling when the phone rang or that something have happened, that feeling that is taking a particular action would be to our advantage. Many of us have various beliefs that attribute to such messages and knowing to different sources such as God, an angel, the universe, and spirit. Many of us believe that our inner voice is not simply a premonition; instead, our inner voice comes from the part of us that can see the bigger picture and wants to help guide us toward our true light expression at a higher level of consciousness. Now, Dr. McIntyre, you have a Doctor of Divinity degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Humanity, a Master of Arts in Sociology, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and you've investigated metaphysical concepts, traveled in the world testing and verifying principles of truth and experimenting with their uses to discover how to create longevity and happiness in one's life, and before we tap into all of those experiences, can we start tonight with you telling us a little bit about yourself, where you grew up, and that kind of thing.

5:07 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Oh, I would be delighted to. I would like to get acquainted with everybody listening too, but I guess we can start with me and if I leave out anything, you might want to go to my website which is www.mariloumcintyre.com. But I actually grew up in Seattle, Washington, and I started looking for guidance or a means of being able to know what to do even as a little kid and my family wasn't religious, they never went to church. They thought the fact that I was looking for God was really crazy and so I've grown up with that label I guess, but I continued to search and I ended up getting married and having four children. And pretty much became an agnostic because I could not find God even though I went to every church, every orthodox, you know, Christian church in Seattle and ended up getting bad guidance actually and from each one of them, I was so serious about finding somebody to help me make that connection, and yet I never did find anyone, and so I became an agnostic and started really having, a lot of depression, a lot of problems. So one day, I was standing at my apartment window looking out at the gray Seattle sky and I said "Help! I need help! I'm at the bottom of the garbage can and I need to get out. Help me."

7:00 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

And that is when my life changed because I learned later, I have spirit guides as we all do, and they heard my call for help. They knew it was time to get in touch with me and help me. And so from that point on... pardon?

7:22 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

So, that's a good way of saying that "time for me to get in touch with me."

7:26 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Yeah! (Laughs) That's right. And so, that's where it all started. Charlotte, I was guided. Somebody came to the psychological testing clinic that I worked at at the time and invited me to go to a foundation there on Capitol Hill, and meet the medium. Well, I didn't know anything about mediumship or any of the eastern religions, I mean that was just all, for some reason, blocked from my consciousness. I never even started investigating it until this man came and said he was sent by some master beings that wanted to get in touch with me. So, I thought "Well, better check this out" (laughs) and I did and that's what began my journey into realizing that indeed, there is life after death and that we can control our future and what happens in our lives and sometimes even in the lives of people around us.

8:42 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Very good! You know, Dr. McIntyre, one of the messages you share from your learnings is that a very good place to start when determining your higher level of consciousness is to make an inventory list of your actions and your reactions. Can you walk us through a little bit about the process people should use?

9:07 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Uhm, yes I'd be happy to. I don't think enough people gives themselves credit or give themselves points for the quality of their lives, and so, in searching for purpose or how to achieve goals, it is very good to sit down and talk to yourself. Talk to your higher self, that part that is still connected with the angel you, you know, with your divine purpose and your mission, try to open up to that. But, in any event, pick up a pencil and paper, and write down your good qualities, write down the things that you want to achieve, not that you hope to or things that maybe you can, but what you want to achieve because that's what you're gonna focus on to bring into reality and you can do that by focusing on it and like I did, command from the universe that it be provided. And then, if you really want to examine yourself, write down in another column, the things within your nature that may attempt to block your success in achieving your goals. In that way, you get a look at the things that you have to stop doing because you're the only one that can do it. You can stop anything and you can start anything. Just believe that, my friend.

10:55 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Very good! And I appreciate what you're saying. Sometimes, it is difficult to write down where we want to go, but I think it's even more difficult to identify the things that block us from getting to our path because, Dr. McIntyre, the mind is a wizard, it will rise up and convince you and rationalize your behaviors, good or bad.

11:22 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Absolutely! It can be a real problem if the only thing you listen to is your mind. You have to listen to your spirit.

11:31 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Very good!

11:32 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Your heart.

11:33 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Very good. You know, many teachers tell us that we have to raise our consciousness by becoming more aware of our self and our inner self, and you just touched on that about spending a little time talking with the angel self, that higher self. Do you have some suggestions of what we should do when we hear our angel voice talking to us, reminding us of our divine nature? Take note, Flor. How does that work? (Laughs)

12:06 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

(Laughs) Yeah, well, be sure to listen, that's the first thing, but certainly with me, prior to writing The Forever Principles book, I never had like a direct physical, well it's almost physical when you hear a voice that you know is not yours putting in thought forms that you know you did not create, you know that's another entity, that's different, that's entirely different, but we all have our own intuition. Animals function on instinct. They automatically do what it takes to survive, but humans have been given free-will choice and a soul, a heart, and a mind to use all together to reflect divine perfection. We are created in divine perfection and we are here to realize it. Gee, you know, what a glorious opportunity. What fun this should be! What glorious experiences we should be having! But why aren't we? We're not listening to that wee small voice or those spirit guides that move around us to help us move through our karmic situations and transmute them or how to create good karma or how to achieve perfect health, how to achieve perfect peace and tranquility. That's all a part of your nature, my friends. That's all a part of the God within you, and you just have to listen to it.

14:03 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

And you know, know that it's your higher nature helping to lift you up so that you continue to function through that higher nature and that's then, when life does become beautiful, and you achieve all the goals, and achieve all the ambitions you've ever had. It works!

14:24 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Excellent message. Excellent message!

14:29 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Thank you.

14:30 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

And just to reinforce the message that you're giving, I so strongly believe in this, and that is to respond versus react to life circumstances, you have to practice. You started off, we talked about the inventory list of your actions and your reactions.

14:49 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

14:50 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Let's talk a little bit about more about that discipline of responding versus reacting to every circumstance. I know you've learned quite a bit in your travels. Can you help our listeners get off that roller coaster of reacting to everything that steps into their path?

15:09 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Yes, well, I certainly hope so. That's why I've written the books that I have, the first two books, the Fast Road to Happiness relate to the fact that I was able to develop a gift to help consciously regress people to help them release their fears and anxieties and depressions that they've carried forward from past lives and just needed to get rid of. And the other one, the Life is Forever:Get use to It, where I really examined is there a life after death? Can spirit communication be genuine? Can our loved ones continue to communicate and you know send love to us. And I just proved all of that to myself by testing everything by taking control of my own life and what I was going to relate to. And in so doing, you learn not to just automatically react at the top of your head of what something that somebody says or something what you kid does and you just wanna smack them. You know I've been there and done that too.

16:29 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Yeah (Laughs). Hmm-hmm. Sure. Yes.

16:34 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

You just, you have to take control of your life. You have to control of your life my friend, you can learn to walk by water if you really focused on that, if that's what you wanna do. The point I am trying to get across is that you can achieve anything you want but you'd have to do it from a conscious level. Don't just react to the stimuli that has been pumped into your brain and into your life experiences from eons past. Start learning to think and motivate yourself from today and control what you do and what you think. The most amazing thing in my life was when I was told by a great master teacher that thoughts are things. I'm in real trouble, but I started working with that and my golly, I'll tell you that has literally changed my life to realize that I can create in my mind or in the spirit, you know wherever that your create of energy go to manifest and make it real or get rid of it. You know whatever you are trying to do.

17:59 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

You know while we are about these life lessons, Dr. McIntyre, can you talk to us a little bit about the value of understanding cause and effect? What you receive, what you put out, karma, passing over a disease and ageing. I love idea that thoughts are things, that we can create changes, changes and our character. But you also said that we can create changes in our character that help resolve karma. Was that a lot? That was a lot in one question but.

18:35 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Yes (laughs). Let me see if I can sort that out. The reason I started looking for God when I was like 7 years old. I had already at that point recognized that people were really mean to one another. Not that I certainly had mean parents or anything, but I just observed that people were not nice to one another and I could not understand that and I wanted somebody to explain that to me and I figured, well that's God's job you know, so let me find Him. But then when I was invited and did go to the foundation, that's when I heard about karma and cause and effect and what you've put out from yourself is what you get back. If you put out waves of compassion and love, then that's what you'll gonna get back. If you put out hurtful miserable action towards other people or situation, that vibration which never leaves you will come back to you and manifest in your life. Maybe not in this lifetime, but certainly in order for you to achieve perfection, you have to get rid of that, that's like a cancer or niche in your perfect soul essence, so you have to get rid of it. So that's -- once the person realizes that they'll start living according to the Golden Rule I believe, I mean that only make sense. So that's the solution you put out goodness.

20:29 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

You know I know every faith that I have known and I have ever studied has that guiding principle, do unto others as you would have others to do unto you and it does seem like such an easy thing, but we seem to have that whole free will thing that seems to catch us every time, doesn't it?

20:46 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Yes it does. Yes. But as we grow Charlotte and reach out to a higher nature, not to your favorite uncle or your favorite aunt or your favorite grandmother, or favorite priest. Reach out to your highest nature because that's your link with divinity, that's your link with perfection.

20:51 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Wonderful. Wonderful. You know, you share that reincarnation may explain unusual behaviors that we can't explain. I am wondering if you could spend up a little time with us on how you've come to understand that.

21:30 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Well, when I first got into, you know, researching and investigating, I was as psychic as a doorknob, I swear to God I was. I couldn't have any, any imagination what it would be like to be guided or to pick up something intuitively even, you know. But as I got into the work and saw the way when I really started counseling people and saw the ways so many of them were in pain and suffering because they couldn't get healing either for their physical body or their soul nature. You know doctors cut and sew, and religions do what they can do but it just didn't seem to be working at least for the people that I was counseling. So I put out to the universe for a way to be able to help heal these people and I started having past life dreams of my own past lives and so after a couple of weeks I put out to the universe again. I don't wanna know about my past life, I don't care about my past life, I am concerned about this life and I wanna work on, you know help this life and finally, they got through to me the reason people have problems for the most part is from something that happened in a past life that they're carrying forward without resolving or releasing.

23:24 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Right. That whole notion of generational curses and just all kinds of manner of things that we have to release. You know, I am a proponent of active meditation. I believe that your brain is plastic and I believe in neuroplasticity so that if you're really speaking about making some significant changes that make your meditation active, you know walk by the lake, surround that for a good technique and do you have some others that get people up and ready to become more aware and reach their higher level of consciousness.

24:03 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Absolutely. When I first realized that the mind you know, if you direct your mind and if you visualize certain energies or visualize certain activities, you can cause that to happen and so what I started doing a mind meditation Charlotte, I would see like white light coming into my, you know into my body filling every cell. Kind of like you'd put data into a computer. Well I was pulling this light in and sometimes there would be a message with it. Like: I am perfect, I am here to manifest God, and put that through my whole body. And I started noticing physical changes, like I am on, I am gonna confess this now, I have my toes used to curl under. Well I never thought anything about that and I never really noticed anybody else's toes, but when I did notice is my toes started straightening out and I realized it's because I've been into so much stress all my life that it just caused tension and caused my toes to curl. And as I started relaxing and getting in touch with reality, the toes straightened and so they are all straightened on both feet now. Isn't that funny?

25:44 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

I love it. Thank you. Thank you for being open and sharing that on the air. Dr. McIntyre, it is almost 25 minutes after the hours, you can't believe it. We're gonna take a quick break here and when we return, we will open up the phone lines and take comments and question from our listening audience.

26:03 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Oh wonderful. Okay.

26:05 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Excellent. And audience, you can lead us at the blogtalkradio.com/richerlifechatline and email us at info@richerlife.com.

26:20 Earl Cobb

Don't forget to join us here next Thursday night, May 22. The theme for the evening will be "Living with the 'isms' - Succeeding and Excelling Against the Odds". The interview guest will be Dr. Matthew Whitaker, Professor of History and the founding director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, and the author of "Peace Be Still: Modern Black America from World War II to Barack Obama". Only here on blogtalkradio.com/richerlife.

27:02 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Welcome back. Our theme tonight is "Listening to the Voice in Your Head, Seeking a Higher Level of Consciousness" and tonight's interview guest is Dr. Marilou McIntyre, the lecturer and author of The Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head. Dr McIntyre, we're gonna take calls in just a minute, but I wanted to talk a little bit about your literary work. You've published three books including your new book "Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head". Now if members of our listening audience were to pick up a copy of your book, what would they expect to find and what would you like them to take away after reading it?

27:42 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Well, the intention of the book literally did come from an angel voice in my head. She contacted me and I kept hearing this sentence. I was young once, a couple of hundred centuries ago and I'm like, where is that coming from? You know, having rolled that around but you know nothing happened. Finally, I heard additionally the same little voice that said, You've written two books about your life, now I want you to write one about some of my experiences. My name is Forever and then that words started.

28:29 Charlotte Grant-Cobb


28:30 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

And these are -- the first part of the book contains inspirational messages, I think you might call it finding keys and tranquility, achieving direction, helping others and creating health, wealth and longevity that she has observed from her angelic viewpoint over the eons and can be used like a nightstand table or book before you go to bed, read a couple of those, you will have very pleasant dreams.

29:14 Charlotte Grant-Cobb


29:15 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

And then the second part of the book goes to some of the experiences in her eons of existence that she shared with us and some of that as I was typing, you know I was really like hearing dictation and typing out what I've heard. And some of it was, oh my gosh I can't believe this, but I continued to type, you know because that was her message and...

29:46 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Very good.

29:47 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

So it's true, and certainly nothing else that expands the imagination and makes you or helps you look at color and trees, and people in different ways.

30:02 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

I love it.

30:03 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

And then it closes with some inspirational quotes when you really feel down and out or you need a good boost to accomplish something. Some of the quotes from famous people that have accomplished wondrous things can help you achieve and that's just the purpose to help you have a happy healthy life.

30:29 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

And we appreciate you writing it. Thank you so much.

30:32 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Thank you.

30:33 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

And Earl, what kinds of e-mails and phone activities do we have tonight?

30:38 Earl Cobb

Well, Charlotte we are busy both on the chat line and with calls, so let's quickly get some callers on so we can get, as many on as we can tonight. First, we have Helene calling in from Tacoma, Washington. Helene, are you there?

30:53 Helene


30:54 Charlotte Grant-Cobb


30:55 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Hi Hellene.

30:56 Earl Cobb

Go ahead.

30:57 Helene

Hello, I've got a question for Dr. McIntyre. I have read the Forever Principles and there's one part that I'm, well there is several parts that I'm confused about it. You really does use your imagination I'll tell you, but my question is, you state that before we were incarnated, we choose where we wanna be and who are parents are gonna be and I know that I'm very grateful to have been born in the United States, but I'm very puzzled about why we pick the parents that I picked or that I had and I'm wondering if you, you know if you have any insight on that?

31:46 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Great question.

31:47 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

I can assure you, we do plan coming incarnations to help us transmute the greatest amount of karma that we possibly can. And it's really interesting most of the spiritually-oriented people that I know seem to be the black sheep of their family. Now, I know that sounds contradictory, but it is true and it causes one to wonder why the heck, you know what I want myself to put up with that, but if you want me to Hellene, I can go back and move you back, and check your cashiered records and see just why you in the Lords of karma figures that this was this family situation for you. Would you like me to do that?

32:44 Helene

I would love that.

32:46 Dr. Marilou McIntyre


32:49 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Here's your thing. Can I ask that, Dr. McIntyre, can she reach you on your website or through your website? It's just we do have several callers that I know Helene, this has been a question that many of us have asked when we look at that -- we speak to yourself, oh I picked this? Hmm, but if you don't mind maybe we could take a note, I'm some others have the same question, so we could pick another caller. Is that okay ladies?

33:20 Helene


33:21 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Not quite, you don't want me to do the past life reading?

33:25 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Only because we have 11 minutes left.

33:29 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Oh, I see okay.

33:30 Charlotte Grant-Cobb


33:31 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Okay, well Hellene. Hellene is my loving helpful neighbor. I promise I will go into this with you tomorrow over strawberries.

33:43 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Okay great.

33:44 Helene


33:45 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Thank you.

33:46 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

All right.

33:47 Helene

Thank you, thank you so much and...

33:48 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

You're welcome.

33:49 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Earl? Do we have another caller?

33:51 Earl Cobb

Yes, we do. Let's welcome Cathy from Miami to the show. Cathy, are you there?

33:58 Cathy

I am here.

34:00 Earl Cobb

Go ahead.

34:01 Cathy

And hello Marilou.

34:02 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Hi Cathy, so good to hear from you.

34:05 Cathy

I have to say this is my first time I've ever called into a show.

34:09 Dr. Marilou McIntyre


34:10 Cathy

Thank you.

34:11 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Thank you Cathy.

34:12 Cathy

Well thanks for having the show and I have read all three books. I've actually had the pleasure and the enlightenment to be regressed for over 25 years by Dr. McIntyre and each one has just been an insight into who I am and I think remembering who we are is important, not because we are all you know Queen Nefertiti, but because we have certain situations in that life, in that pattern that we seem to keep repeating and so, I appreciate all those insights that I have gleaned from my association with Dr. McIntyre. But my question is about people assuming personal responsibility and seems to me to be a real stumbling block in our society and I just would like to hear Dr. McIntyre kind of address that. Thank you.

35:13 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

You mean, let me just clarify the question. People do not accept responsibility? Is that's what your wondering why they don't?

35:27 Cathy

I find that pretty true. I think that the basic human nature seems to blame it on somebody else, so it must be because you know I had the best teacher.

35:36 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Oh! Absolutely.

35:37 Cathy

Am I gonna be this or...

35:38 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

I'll tell you the person that get blamed the most and that's God. Why did you do that? Why did you make me do that? Why did you cause that? Why did you do that? So I keep telling people and I told that I'm hard when I say this. I keep telling people stop blaming God and look to your own life. You know what? whoa! They can't accept their responsibility of that. And I think a lot of it Cathy, has to do with the social structure that is existing now, as well of course as our lack of responsibility in our past life time or lack of responsibility or fear of making decisions. Fear is a big part of backing away from life and not getting completely involved. If you have a zest for life, you are going to want to do everything and you are going to want to do it right and you going to want to have other people do it. So it's probably the biggest thing is the level of consciousness, you know the spiritual reality that a person is able to function in and if all their functioning in is greed or through fear, sure they're not going to want to take responsibility or even you know, take up the reigns of any project. Which is too bad and it is causing a major problem on the planet. Don't you think?

37:17 Cathy

Yes I assume. Yeah.

37:18 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

I know I do. Dr McIntyre, as you were just talking, talking, it hit me that we were talking about how connecting to higher level of consciousness allow you to reframe, so I know in your book of Forever Principle, you've talk about this whole concept of fear and how to overcome it and I think that relates to Cathy's question to this. Sometimes not accepting the responsibility or personal responsibility comes to that place of fear, what did you do once you have no fear and having no fear is being able to do something without boundaries is as a scary prospect for some of us isn't it?

38:00 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Yes, it is. And it's almost you know as like calling white black, I mean it's just the outset of what it should be. But it's true, fear that we block our own intentions and our own growth and spirituality, and a lot of that is because we allow it to be imposed upon us from other people or situation and if I could just get people to learn to maintain them self to control their acts, control what you accept as true. What you accept as helpful? What you will accept from other people? And you know what you will walk away from? Because you have to walk away sometimes. People are you know, too destructive sometimes and you don't have to be with them. You have to grow yourself and that's why you're here and that's why we're all here for that growth that experience to find that ultimate joy.

38:12 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Excellent. Thank you so much. I appreciate it Cathy thank you for calling.

39:16 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Thank you.

39:19 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Do we have any other callers or e-mail tonight?

39:23 Earl Cobb

Yes Charlotte. Let's go ahead he's been holding for a while. Let's get Andrew on. He's calling from Denver, Colorado. Andrew, are you there?

39:31 Andrew

Yes, Dr. McIntyre?

39:33 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Yes Andrew.

39:34 Andrew

Hi, I appreciate your honesty and I believe I heard you say, if you hear a voice, don't just listen. Which reminds me of I believe of a verse, I believe in the book of Psalm that says "today, if you hear his voice do not harden your heart". Is this what you mean about seeking a higher level of consciousness and understanding who or what life is sending the message to trust that voice?

40:07 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Yes. To be able to trust the voice, you have to trust yourself and know that your own motive and your own you know, purpose is honorable and good and therefore, when something, if it's quite open, they will just start with calling your name. Have you ever heard that Andrew, hearing your name being called? You look around and then you realize "Oh that was in my head".

40:39 Andrew


40:42 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

And that's you know that's very often how it starts in sometimes. See, depending on the psychic ability of the individual and that's the guide can make contact to just let you know that they are there and all you do is send your thoughts out and they'll work with you. But by the same token, you have to test the spirit and what they say and make sure that it isn't trying to lead you down the garden path because that can also happen. And I think that's certain phases of insanity or could you hear true voices in the head? I wasn't sure if that was happening to me or not and then I found, well "No she is a good angel, she knows."

41:32 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Yeah. A good point.

41:33 Andrew

Thank you very much. I will be picking up your book and I appreciate your comments.

41:36 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Oh thank you and please check my website and if you want a past life reading, you can contact me through my website, which is www.mariloumcintyre.com.

41:51 Andrew

Thank you.

41:52 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

You're welcome.

41:53 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Excellent. Thank you Andrew so much. And Dr. Marilou, I can't believe that we're almost out of time for this show tonight. Can you believe this?

41:59 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

It's over?

42:02 Charlotte Grant-Cobb


42:03 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

It's amazing.

42:04 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Would you take a -- it is, isn't it and thank you so much for your clarity as Andrew said. Would take just some minute to share some final thought regarding seeking a higher level of consciousness for our listeners tonight.

42:18 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Sure. Some people are consciously striving through meditation or through yoga exercises. You know to improve themselves physically and spiritually and some people are just naturally kind hearted and giving and loving and the difference is the level of experience that you have had as a soul. The body that you have now, that you are hearing me through, is the body that you're using to develop and get in contact with activating your highest nature to flow through every thought, word, and deed in your life. And that is the goal then everything falls into place. You achieve good health. You achieve happiness and you achieve prosperity. Always affirm prosperity, the world is yours. That's why you're here, you're here to collect.

43:31 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

(Laughs) Very good.

43:32 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

And you know, and just believe that. And you'll do it.

43:36 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Thank you so much.

43:38 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

You're welcome.

43:39 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

Listeners, we are out of time for tonight's show. Dr. McIntyre, it has been a true pleasure. And listeners you can reach Dr. McIntyre on her website www.mariloumcintyre.com. You can find all of Dr. McIntyre's books including her new book The Forever Principle: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com or anywhere books are sold. Thanks to all of you for joining in and participating in tonight's show. We will be back with you again...

44:16 Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Thank you God bless to all.

44:17 Charlotte Grant-Cobb

...next Thursday night. Thank you Marilou. We'll be back with you again next Thursday night and until then, continue to live a richer life.