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Oscar-considered Filmmaker & Multi-Medium Artist Richard Rossi says, "Art is a ministry, & ministry is an art." His hit show hosts leading artists & thinkers.

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Amy Bril recounts her childhood growing up in the Children of God, a sexualy exploitive evangelical group notorious for pedophilia and ?religious? prostitution. Amy and others born and raised in the group are banding together to address a suicide epidemic among fellow survivors. The Children of God, aka, The Family, started off as part of the Jesus People hippie revival then became increasingly dependent on their charismatic leader, Moses David Berg. Berg became increasingly bizarre and perverted, as he had "revelations" that the women in the group could convert men through sex. He sent out is "heavenly harlots" and "sacred prostitutes" to practice what he called "flirty fishing." Amy discusses her courageous journey to escape the cult with her children and her current work as a kind of "underground railroad" to support other victims excaping the enslavement of cults.
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