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Rich and Rich Home Opportunities Updates

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Discussion about release of co-op advertising ebook.  Affiliate marketing programs and new advertising oppportunities will be discussed.  Rich and Rich Home Opportunities also start interviews with authors and other businesses.


0:05 Desiree Richardson

Hello, this is Desiree. Thank you for everyone that's listening. I am so excited and I just really wanted to talk to everyone about some updates for Rich and Rich Home Opportunities, and I just wanted to clarify a couple of things first. I'm the CEO for Rich and Rich Home Opportunities. I have an EIN and do taxes and everything for Rich and Rich Home Opportunities. However, it's important for everyone to know that Rich and Rich home Opportunities is an umbrella company. Okay, what that means is that, Rich and Rich Home Opportunities is how I started out years ago, about five years ago and so, I am keeping that as my main company. That is my main company and anything else that I do under that falls off under that umbrella. And so, one of the things that I currently have been doing is Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs. If you've been around the web, if you put Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs in the Google, that's all you have to do, you can kind of see where I have been advertising, where I have been marketing, that's some of the things that I have been doing. Now, as every company evolve, there are some things that we're no longer doing and I'll tell you a little bit more about that a little bit later on. But right now, just know that Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs is a company that's up under the umbrella of my big company which is Rich and Rich Home Opportunities. The next thing that I have that falls under Rich and Rich Home Opportunities is my Co-op Advertising eBook. Now, co-op advertising, if you go back to some of my previous Blog Talk Radio Show segment and some YouTube segments, basically, what that is, is that's an ability for you to be able to pool your marketing advertising dollars together to get the bigger bang for your bucket and that's exactly how I see it.

2:04 Desiree Richardson

That means that the more money that goes into the co-op, the bigger advertising that you're gonna get. And so, instead of you having to go to blogs and just your standard YouTube, you may actually be able to do a magazine article or a couple of magazine articles. You may actually be able to produce a video that on YouTube has some quality that's gonna actually get you some subscribers because on YouTube, if you get 10,000 or more subscribers, then you can start actually pay, you know, asking for payment for your visitors that are coming to your YouTube channel. And so, that's what co-op advertising is about in a nutshell. I wrote a book about the different things that I have done with co-op advertising. I'm gonna tell you right now that five years ago when I was doing co-op advertising, no one was doing it exactly the way that I was doin' it and I was able to get a lot groups together and have them to join and make bigger groups. And so, it was really a great thing. There's another form of co-op advertising that you can get into that I'm gonna actually write my next eBook about where you actually go through businesses and you do a type of co-op, and I'm not gonna get into that right now because that's not really what my book covers, but the eBook, you can go and you can find that online and I'll tell you about that later. But, that does fall up under Rich and Rich Home Opportunities. So, I'm gonna be talking a lot about co-op advertising. I think co-op advertising is great. I think it's something that everybody should be on board with and everybody should have, just like you have an affiliate program and you go -- you put your social network icon on your website or in your business information. Co-op advertising needs to be right up there with what you're doing especially if, you know, you have members and you have customers that you're trying to service and all of us want the same thing. We want to be able to market and advertise effectively.

3:59 Desiree Richardson

We want our business to be seen and we don't want our business to be stuck, you know, way back, back on some pages where, you know, a visitor may once in a while see that that's not really effective but that's one of the things about your dollars, you pay for what you get. So, if you pay into a co-op, then you're gonna get more advertising, you're gonna get more leads and it's just kind of the way that it works. Okay, the next subsidiary up under Rich and Rich Home opportunities that I will be adding is called Rich and Rich International Institute. And that's the international institute that's going to be for consulting, and that consulting is gonna be very different from what I'm doing as far as online and what I'm doing as far as offline for business marketing, advertising and coop advertising. This is actually me going out personally and meeting with individuals for consulting, and so, that's to come, that's to be announced but there are a lot of people that don't know how to do simple things, just get on the web, just do their web design and just, you know, do a WordPress blog. They don't know about affiliate marketing and some of the things that can really help them because there are so many businesses that have affiliate marketing program. We're talking about your GoDaddy, we're talking about your designer shoes, we're talking about big companies that have these programs, but your main thing, your first thing that you have to do is you have to have an appropriate website and there's no reason why anybody can't have an appropriate website. And so, that's what Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs or Rich and Rich international Institute, that's what our focus is gonna be on, but it's gonna be more than that because it's gonna be consulting. And so, there are gonna be social topics that would be under that as well. Okay, this is big because I haven't done this before.

5:54 Desiree Richardson

I've done in little bit but not a lot, but I'm doing this a lot this time around because I think that you can build a better network when you help people along the way. If you're helping people to be successful in their business and to get successful then, you know, you build a loyal customer, you build a loyal partner. So, one of the things on all of my sites I'm gonna be having advertising opportunities. Alright, when I say advertising opportunities I mean that I am going to have limited slots per advertising blog. And so, right now, my cut off is 20 and I'm not gonna have any more than 20 for any blog that I ever create, that is gonna be just one of the things that I do, just know that I have 20 slots. And what that 20 means is that, anytime, any page on that blog or that website that that person clicks on, they're going to see those advertising opportunities. Okay? So, these advertising opportunities are not gonna be, you know, you might get on page 4, 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever because someone is trying to sell like, you know, 1000 slots for one website, no. There's only going to be 20 from my blog and they're $10 a month so, that's kind of where I'm going with it. One of the things to remember about that if you want to advertise, of course, I'm going to have to approve it. One of the things that I want you to know is this. I have two blogs right now I'm doing this on. I'm doing it on richandrichentrepreneurs.biz, just like it sounds, and then I'm also doing it on richandrichopportunities.biz/fashiontraffic. Okay note that, fashiontraffic.

7:54 Desiree Richardson

On that blog, fashion traffic -- it's all about fashion. So, if you're doing SCO, if you're doing email marketing, if you're doing any type of affiliating marketing that doesn't have to do with fashion than you can't submit, you know, an advertisement for that particular blog. You have to stay within the content of that blog. Why is that important? Well, I'll tell you why that's important. When you sign up for affiliate companies that you have not done that already, they want to know that your blog, your website is complementing what they're trying to get across. And so, if they're trying to push fashion, they don't wanna hear anything about SCO or anything like that at that time. Yes, it works if you're doing something else but not for fashion blog. Now, if you go to richandrichentrepreneurs.biz, we're doing nothing but entrepreneurs, we're doing, you know, direct sell, anything in business, you know, anything you think of, marketing, you know, advertising, as long as it's something that's legal, legit and it's actually something that's professionally, you know, promote it, then there's an opportunity for you on that particular blog. The button is on 125 x 125, just your standard button, and like I said, it's on every page of the blog. Okay. Now, one of the things that you need to also be aware of is this. Everything has an exception, that's just the way that it is. The exceptions of this particular item is if you are a web designer and if you can design any type of web, meaning, you can design something for an entrepreneur that's doing business, marketing, SCO or whatever and you can also design for someone that's doing fashion, then you can be on multiple blogs because you are a web designer.

9:54 Desiree Richardson

So, think about what you actually promote, what you market and what your business savvy at because you may be able to be on, you know, the fashion blog and beyond, you know, jus a regular entrepreneurs blog. So, think just think about those and those blogs, they're going to be updated and they're going to be marketed and one of the things that you need to know, anybody that has ever did anything with me, they know that I kinda do some things that, you know, are really fascinating, okay. They're really over the top and it's because of the fact that, you know, I'm always trying to think and I'm not gonna say outside of the box, I'm always trying to think for what's the next future thing, okay. I'm always trying to think what's that next future thing, what's the thing that's gonna get me or the person that I'm doing my advertising with to the next level, and so that's one of the things that, you know, I want to make sure that, you know, everyone is very much aware of that. The next thing is that one of the things that you need to know, okay, so, what about Rich and Rich Home Opportunities, Enterpreneurs, Co-op Advertising, why you're talking about this? Well, I'm talking about it because of the fact that I'm marketing them and I'm advertising them, one here on Blog Talk Radio and many, many other places. So, when you are -- I encourage you to buy that Co-op Advertising eBook because it would be very helpful to you, not just, you don't have to buy anything other than that but what I'm telling you is that it's gonna help you to understand what can I do that's going to, you know, be successful for me, and there's now a lot of people, they're doing it. Yeah, people say they have co-ops and I'm gonna tell you, they build their co-ops into millions and thousands of people and then the co-ops are not effective because, you know, they're going through this rotating banner-type thing.

11:53 Desiree Richardson

And so, you have to set your limit on who you're gonna allow into your co-op and at what time because you cannot effectively promote and advertise a hundred thousand people and their businesses, you just, you can't do that. You have to be able to select, you have to be able do the best marketing for those individuals that have been selected and make sure that they stay as lifelong customers, that's what you have to do. One of the things that I like to do and I do have it already is I love Facebook, I'm sure everybody does, you know, you gotta do the social networking whether you like it or not. It's just one of those things that has to be done these days. And so, we have a Facebook page that is located at www.facebook.com/entrepreneursnow. If you have questions about anything on this Blog Talk Radio Show right now, that's where you can actually go and post your questions. Not only that, if you're interested in being advertised, that's another place where you can actually go and you know, you can post your interest. I'm doing it on Facebook because of this. I thought about doing it through email and we know how email goes. Everybody wants to spam the page and everything. So, Facebook, you gotta be a member of Facebook, you gotta take some time so, you know, it's not just gonna be something that you just gonna get on there, you just gonna, you know, send something or anything like that. So, that's why I'm doing it that way and plus, I think that it's a great way for you to network with other members. There are over 350 members that are located there that are, you know, doing different businesses and you can find out what works for you, you can ask questions, you can network back and forth because that's what, you know, being in the business is all about. You need to network, you need to gain partners.

13:52 Desiree Richardson

Now, not only do we do Facebook, we also do Twitter and we do YouTube. Now, one of the things for me, for YouTube, this is how I like to do my YouTube segment. When I do a Blog Talk Radio-Show, I like to go ahead and follow that up immediately with a YouTube segment and the reason that I like to do that is because I wanna use every marketing tool that's available. There are gonna be some people that are gonna be listening to this Blog Talk Radio Show but they're not gonna go to YouTube and vice versa. So, you need to be able to market on more than just one site, and one of the things you don't wanna do, you don't wanna spam anybody. So, you don't wanna keep coming back to the same site, you know, pushing your products, pushing your products or anything like that. You need to be providing something that's helpful, you know, telling them something about their site, telling them something about their products, you know, and then leaving a link if they allow that link to be left, but you need to provide something that is supported through that site. So, not only you're gonna do YouTube, that's what I'm gonna be doing right after this Blog Talk Radio Show, we're gonna do blogs, we're gonna do WordPress. I love WordPress. WordPress is a great way to build a website and you're gonna notice when you look at a lot of my sites, they are WordPress and those are gonna evolve. We're gonna be doing other blogs. We're gonna be doing classified. We're gonna be doing Vimeo and Vimeo is just another way of actually putting your contents in video and putting it on the computer and streamlining it, streaming and doing so many different things, you can do live stuff, you can do that on YouTube also, that's why I love YouTube. I think it's a great platform. So, we're gonna be doing it. Another one that people kinda frown it when you say it, is Squidoo, and that's how it is. It's Squidoo and I'll spell it S-Q-U-I-D-O-O. It's a huge platform of web pages.

15:51 Desiree Richardson

So, if you don't have any idea about web design or anything like that, you can learn from Squidoo how to do a one page about what your particular market is or what your interest is and when I say your market, when you do something like Mary Kay or anything like that, one of the things that you don't want to do, you can't spam anybody. And so your content needs to be geared towards the fact that "Hey, I just brought this cute sandals. This is where I wore them, you know, I wore them out to the mall, out in Paris and I got so many compliments." And you put a picture and you put that information in there. And that makes your Squidoo lens golden. And you can put your link, like if you have a Mary Kay link, you can put your link in there, you cannot spam it, you can't put your link in everything, you know, like 20 times, you know, please go to Mary Kay, please go to Mary Kay, please go to Mary Kay. But I love Squidoo. I think it's a wonderful platform and so that's one of the things that I utilize. And so that's another place where we'll be promoting. And so a lot of different avenues for a promotion, for anybody that's on richandrichentrepreneurs.biz, if you're on richandrichentrepreneurs.biz/fashiontraffic, but just understand that those will not be the only opportunities for you to advertise. Now, the other thing about Rich and Rich International Institute, I find it so amazing a lot, in my particular community and I'm African-American and I will say that, that people just don't understand this social networking. And you know, they're sitting at home, they're trying to wonder about what they're gonna do next for themselves and they just really don't know how to get started because they're depending on someone else to be able to do everything for them.

17:51 Desiree Richardson

I'm gonna tell you that institutes, universities, and things that you are hearing about on the web, there are wonderful opportunities to get involved with. I am going to actually, for those who are listening now and on YouTube, I'm gonna list some universities that I have been a part of that has helped me to be able to do exactly what I'm doing right now. And so teach one, show one is how I'm going with this. So Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs are Rich and Rich International Institutes is gonna really be geared towards teaching. And when I say teaching, I'm not talking about just your standard teaching that I can do it online, just like people do like their home party for their Mary Kay or you know, for their pampered chef or whatever. We would like to really be in the home actually teaching with the computers and it can be done online. And so you have an option of doing either or and take you step-by-step of how you get started with actually having your own website that you can actually ask affiliate marketing individuals to be a part of, or you can actually join affiliate marketing programs so that you can actually start making money online, making money offline. Why should you have to clock in, you know, to a supervisor everyday if you don't have to? If you've got to do it then do it. If that's your enjoyment, then do it. But if you're looking for something else, you're someone that you've already had a career already and you just wanna do something else, if you're someone who haven't had a career, you're really super interested in the internet and, you know, what it has to offer and, you know, what you can do with that and build a brand, then that what Rich and Rich International Institute is going to really be about.

19:49 Desiree Richardson

So, what I'm going to do now is slow down. I have a tendency to talk fast when I'm excited about, you know, about just people being successful. You know? Just being successful, making your money in your own right and I'm just going to recap some things that I have talked about. One of the things is that my company will and always has been Rich and Rich Home Opportunities, okay? I have companies that will fall under that and I don't know where, you know, this is going to end up or anything like that, but I'm not gonna limit myself, but right now, I have Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs under that company, co-op advertising is under that company and currently, that company we have our co-op advertising eBook, okay? That's available for sale and if you want to know anything about the book or anything like that then you would go to richandrichentrepreneurs.biz, that's where I'm featuring it at right now and it's a wonderful thing. I'll tell you about that to because I use E-Junkie. E-Junkie is real easy because you can write your eBook, you can upload it to their site, you can put your graphics for your eBook, I actually had my eBook cover designed. I did that because, you know, you want it to be professional, you don't want just anything to be up there. And you know, you hook it up to PayPal and you know, individuals are able to buy and they are able to go through PayPal. PayPal is very safe because if you don't like the eBook for whatever reason or you decide that you know, "Hey, just really wished I hadn't spent that money"

21:32 Desiree Richardson

Then you can do, you know, a resolution or whatever with PayPal. So it's real safe. You don't have to feel like "Oh, I bought it and I'm stuck with it." But I think you're gonna find a lot of things interesting in the book because there are things that, you know, everybody does not know about and there are people that are not using the same tools that I'm using and they're the tools I like and I just use it. Okay. So, and then the final company that is gonna fall up under Rich and Rich Home Opportunities is going to be Rich and Rich International Institute. Okay. Why Rich and Rich? Well, my last name is Richards. Well anyway, my last name was Richardson, alright? And so when I was Richardson, I liked the name Rich and Rich and so that's how I started off. And it's just my brand, I can go all over the internet and I can look at Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs, Rich and Rich Home Opportunities and I see so many things, and you know, now I'm seeing people that are doing Rich and Rich now or, you know, just different things to vary you know, kind of what I was doing. So anyway, needless to say, to each their own, you know, but definitely that's why I have stuck with the Rich and Rich. And so I like it to be a part of every opportunity. And co-op advertising, I love co-op advertising. I started out, I don't know if anybody knows anything about MING, but that's how kind of how I started out doing all of this, it's on MING and I have several co-op advertising groups and I still do, that are on the MING network and you actually can in there and you could do co-op advertising and you can, you know, go into the MING site and you can look up and you can see out there, you can see probably more than what I can count on my hands right now, co-op advertising sites that I actually, you know, have on those networks.

23:32 Desiree Richardson

And so, what happened is that people were so excited because they had a group where they could advertise their business, their opportunity and so those groups grew really quickly, they're still growing. There are still people that are communing, you know, daily in those groups and so that's why I have the love for co-op advertising. And so, this is Desiree. I am so grateful for anyone that, you know, listened in. Tell your friend to listen in, you know, this is my first time being back on Blog Talk Radio in a little bit, you know, family and raising kids and everything like that, and my kids pretty much are, you know, gone and so I have got the empty nest thing that is going on which is wonderful because, you know, I can focus on my business, I don't have to feel guilty or anything like that. I can just do what I need to do. So, immediately following this Blog Talk Radio Broadcast, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna go on to YouTube and I'm going to say as much as I can say because I know I could do 15 minutes now or more about the same thing that I just told everyone here. So, my big take home point is that if you want to know anything about what I'm doing and what I'm going to be doing, you're gonna go to richandrichentrepreneurs.biz. Okay? And that is a company that falls under Rich and Rich Home Opportunities. I am not getting rid of Rich and Rich Home Opportunities. So that is still the main businesses providing home opportunities and avenues for individuals to be successful, to be independent and just have quality of life because I feel that at the end of the day, it's about quality of life.

25:32 Desiree Richardson

It's not always about how much you make, but it's really about the quality of life because you can make all the money in the world and you can still be depressed, and not wanting to do it from day-to-day, but it's much better for you to be able to be successful, have a peace of mind, have quality of life, and network. Network. Network. Network. And one final note, we are also doing brochures. I am going to put a copy of the brochure that I am going to be handing out. That is part of my offline marketing that I feel that offline marketing is as important as online marketing and so I'm gonna put that brochure on my website also so that you can see that. You guys have a wonderful weekend. Think successful, be successful, and be happy. Take care. Desiree, CEO of Rich and Rich Home Opportunities.