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ACIM Sleepy Jean

Jean Garman


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I am 'A Course In Miracles' student and received an O.M.C. (Ordained Ministerial Counselor) through Pathways of Light spiritual college. I also studied at the Foundation for A Course In Miracles in Temecula, CA, under Dr. Kenneth Wapnick for 13 months and have read all his books and many, if not most, of his CD's - repeatedly.

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This whole world was based on a faulty premise. What makes you think we are still based on it - even in our ACIM studies? Join me for this short talk.....

ACIM is an interesting study that helps us take a look at ALL we do. Why do we do it? What is the gain? Is it helpful or hurtful? Does it help us join with everyone or does it separate us? Let's take a look at the ultimate purppose of ACIM... more

ACIM teaches that we are all the same. But are we? Certainly our forms are different. How do we live our lives in such a way that we don't make the differences different?

I will share short clips of the things I have been learning through my studies of ACIM and how this helps me deal more lovingly in the world. It seems we each learn different things from our studies. So it is wonderful to have people share... more

I share 15 minute talks about things I have learned in my studies of ACIM. It is an awesome journey and makes for the perfect purpose for our lives! And and it most inclusive. It helps us live in the world more fully -- realizing we all come here to... more

I was a spiritual searcher all my life. As a child in Sunday School I would ask 'serious' questions to which my friends would snicker -- but I wanted ANSWERS! I got disillusioned with the church because of - you guessed it - egos! And tried... more

My journey led me to many paths culminating in my studying A Course In Miracles. With my previous understanding from other paths......be they religious, meditative or academic........I realized ACIM teaches all these 'wisdoms' and... more

what I learned through my studies at FACIM.

Today we will talk about being mindful versus being mindless. What do these words mean and how do we even know which we are doing???? Join me

Thoughts and musings from my studies in ACIM.
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