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Earn Money From Your Show

You create the podcast

BTR helps to monetize it

You get the choice cuts

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You create the show

We understand the effort it takes to produce a great show. Our Revenue Engine, like our simple creation tools, is designed to help free you up to focus on what matters most - your content. By enrolling, you can now dedicate your efforts towards creating and refining your show for your listeners.

BTR secures sponsorship

Let us do the legwork of securing sponsors, managing ad campaigns, collecting payments and opening up new revenue streams so you don't have to. We are constantly seeking new and emerging opportunities to gain sponsorships and monetize your content, with one condition - we will never compromise your creative integrity and listeners.

We split the proceeds

The more you make, the more you keep. We’ll handle the sales, coordination of the campaigns, collections and payment into your paypal account.

How it works

When you join our Revenue Sharing Program, you will receive the lion's share of the revenues earned against your content. The more visitors you can bring to your show (we know this is where the real hard work is!), the more revenue you can generate for yourself.

  • To join the program, you must sign up with a valid PayPal account.
  • We pay out revenue 2 months after it has accrued. (For example, your January earnings will be credited to your PayPal account in March.)
  • To receive payment, you must have earned a minimum of $20 in revenue. (If you earn less than $20 in a month, you will just keep accruing until you get to $20 and then we will pay you out accordingly.)
  • Payments are processed on or around the 15th of each month.