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This channel is for the discussion of Biblical topics regarding THE REVOLUTIONARY (Jesus Christ) as well as miracles, signs, wonders and the supernatural. We will also discuss current events, politics, religion, science, legends, mythology and paranormal activity - including that of Angels, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, demons, ghosts, UFOs and more!

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Today, my special gues is Doug Hamp, author of "Corrupting the Image." Doug has been on the show before talking about the Nephilim. In this show, we'll be discussing that subject again as well as angels, aliens and the Antichrist.

Tonight, we will be talking with author S. Douglas Woodward about his new book, Power Quest: America's Obsession with the Paranormal. You won't want to miss this one! Doug's work parallels my own in many ways and it's always an... more

We will be picking up where we left off in my new book, Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last with a reading of chapters 2 and 3: Chapter 2: The Man of Many Names Chapter 3: The First Shall Be Last Be sure to call in with any... more

Hello out there in BlogTalkRadio land! Tonight will be the beginning of something new for me. After much consideration, I am going to try and make this show more regular - doing one every week on Wednesday nights from 10PM - midnight. For... more

Tonight's show will be a little different than most. I recently received a phone call from someone who watched my Mt. Hermon-Roswell Connection DVD. He shared some of his testimony with me and what that video meant to him. I thought it... more

This will be a double feature episode! I will be reading two chapters from Book 2 of the Babylon Rising: The Return of the Nephilim series: Examining Genesis 6:4 The Return of the Nephilim: BEFORE The Flood If you'd like to follow along, go... more

My guest today is LA Marzulli! We'll be discussing aliens, Nephilim, crystal skulls, the Watchers and how all of that and more relates to the Cosmic Chess Match. Should be a fun show!

I have decided to turn my Babylon Rising book into a series! Tonight I will be reading the first chapter of Book 2 - Babylon Rising: The Return of the Nephilim - Multiple Incursions? If you'd like to follow along, you can go to:... more

My guess tonight will be Dr. Ken Johnson! Dr. Johnson and I will take a walk through ancient pre and post-Flood history. Will will discuss the gods and customs of ancient cultures and how it relates to the Bible. This should be a very... more

My guest tonight is Doug Woodward. He is the author of two books, "Are We Living in the Last Days" and "Decoding Doomsday" and was a contributing writer for Tom Horn's new book, "God's Ghostbusters." We met Doug at the Future... more
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