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This channel is for the discussion of Biblical topics regarding THE REVOLUTIONARY (Jesus Christ) as well as miracles, signs, wonders and the supernatural. We will also discuss current events, politics, religion, science, legends, mythology and paranormal activity - including that of Angels, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, demons, ghosts, UFOs and more!

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Tonight I will be airing two audio clips from the teachings of 119 Ministries concerning the Feasts of God and the Signs of the Times. I'm doing this as a follow up to last weeks show and as a way to get us all up to speed concerning... more

Tonight, we will be talking with Dr. Russ Houck again. We'll be discussing his recent New Covenant Israel trip to the west coast, the "transtribulational church" and more concerning the "Epidemic" that has affected Judaism and... more

Tonight, we will be talking with author Zen Garcia. I have only recently gotten to know Zen and his work so I'm excited to talk to him about things we agree on as well as things we see differently. He is the author of 6 books: Look Somewhere... more

I am going to have to postpone tonight's show. I have been under a lot of attack lately and my body is feeling it. Please pray for us. My blood pressure is high, my heart rate races and I have been really shaky lately. Not sure what the deal... more

Tonight, we will be talking with Dr. Mike Bennett about the world's first super-soldier: Nimrod. To some, he is known as Doctor Future of the radio program, Future Quake. He served as a leader in a military lab for sixteen... more

Tonight, we will be talking with author and lecturer, Doc Marquis. Doc was raised a child in the international occultic group known as theIlluminati and was involved in some of the most unspeakable acts known to mankind as a result of his... more

Tonight, I will be talking with the creator of the Internet video sensation: The Age of Deceit - Fallen Angels And The New World Order, Mr. Gonzo "Gonny" Shimura and his Canary Cry Radio co-host "Basil."

Tonight, I am going to play the lecture I gave at the Prophecy Summit 2012 conference this past weekend in Branson, MO concerning the Archon Invasion And The Return of the Nephilim before the Flood, after the Flood, now and in... more

Tonight's show will be divided into two parts, both with the same guest. Author, Daniel Duval will be joining us on the Revolutionary Radio Project to discuss two of his books: Noah's Ark and the End of Days and Wounded By Leadership.... more

Tonight we will be talking with Dr. Russ "Pappy" Houck again regarding his newly published, second edition of Epidemic: Examining the Infected Roots of Judaism and Christianity. This time, we will be addressing the issue of, "Now what do... more
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