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Revolutionary Life


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Looking at the world and the world's affairs through the eyes of a Revolutionary spirit. Your host: Gary Johnson

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Revolutionary Life series: Revolutionary Politics: Politics of Interdependent Government. A goverment that can only be created by Independent, soveriegn citizens. This political movement seeks to advance governing by setting as it... more

This week Revolutionary Life series focus is a new approach to governing, called INTERDEPENDENCE governing. A form of government only possible with the development of and cooperation of INDEPENDENT, Sovereign citizens. This... more

Revolutionary Life series takes on Politics. As the current political system is broken, its time for a new approach, a Revolutionary Approach to politics to emerge and prepare itself to step into the Breach.

In light of the current glitch in the U.S. Political system, its time to talk Politics. In Specific, Revolutionary Politics. This part in the Revolutionary Life Series takes on something that creeps into every espect of our lives; Politics. Today I listened to... more

As part of Revolutionary Life series, we continue with our look at the Woman and how finding herself, her plan and purpose Again, is a revolutinary act, and the beginning the revolutionary change, growth, and progress mankind.

Revolutionary Life series this week is all about the Woman, the Female, the Feminine. This week will address the absolutely crucial need for the female of any species to be able to shop around, to pick and choose. We will address the... more

This broadcast in the Revolutionary Life series is on Money, wealth, income, work, our labor and how we earn our means of survival and growth. Join us as we look at how our work stacks up against the compensation we recieve for it. A... more

The week's Revolutionary life series is on Money, an education and approach to economics and finance that will change the way you view the pursuit, collection, and distribution of money. Learn, what it truly is. Who truly owns it. What's... more

Another chapter in the Revolutionary Life Series. (every Friday 5 to 7pm,)This one on LIGHT!!! Something you take for granted, 'til its gone! Darkness, something that can terrify us, 'til its gone! In this series we examine the nature... more

Join us for part two of the Revolutionary Life Series as we delve deeper in the accepted lies and mistruths you probably have, by now excepted as fact, spread to other as truth or "conviention" when In fact they are misdirections by the... more