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Revolutionary Life


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Looking at the world and the world's affairs through the eyes of a Revolutionary spirit. Your host: Gary Johnson

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This episode takes a look at the definitions and beliefs around the concepts of Love, relationships. We examine what people expections are we it comes to love and relationship. But, what is Love, and what are relationships really about.... more

In this Episode we will reveal and secret hidden for years by the Medical Industry, that my change your view of how health and disease is not what your think. What if you found that you could heal yourself of most illness and diseases... more

Everywhere you go these days you hear people talk of Heightening your Awareness and Raising your Consciousness. But what does all that really mean and how is it suppose to better our lives. Join us as we put the popular... more

In this espisode we learn that happiness, and growth in our lives, depend primarily, if not entirely, on how we view the world as a whole and how we view situations in specific. Rather a situation has a negative or positive effect in our... more

In this episode of The REAL we put the REAL light on Black History Month; one month out of the year offically set aside for the celebration of the contributions of Blacks to the growth and development of the United States of America. Turns... more

"IT IS, WHAT IT IS", is popular saying these days, but what does it mean? What is it really saying? Could the term be just another way of saying, "I give up." That one either feels they cannot or choose not to, deal with the situation? Is it a... more

Presentation on Corporate status and social responsibility. Are coporations people? What is the status of corporations in our society and do that have legal, moral, or social obligation to the societies in which the locate and operate?... more

This presentation delves into the secret societies, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, etc. their goals and purpose. Why to we have brotherhoods and secret socities? What are their function in Slave-Master culture? Join us as we address the issue... more

The presentation seeks to frame, in a different way, the concept of reality, the unknown, the unseen and metaphysical world. What is real? what are the metaphysical and spiritual realms? Join us as to delve into the UNKNOWN!

Today we explore our nation's entry into wars behind an unprovoked attack on our couintry.