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Ephesians: 6:18 To be able to fight a good fight as the Bible say;s we have to except who we are fighting, believe in the fight & retain knowledge of the our enenmy wiles.

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Acts 16: 30 This perhaps is the most important question in the Bible & most Christians or Churches are getting it all wrong. The word Saved here is Sozo it means to preserve, rescue or to save, to rescue from danger or destruction.... more

Acts 20: 29-31 Paul say's in Acts 20:29 that Grievious people going to arise from among the Church & some are going to inter in the Church unsparing, cruel, violent in nature as a Wolves-Lukos, a jackal or greedy destructive Man. He's... more

Matthew 15: 7 How can a Rabbit produce a Chicken Egg? or better yet how can Jesus Christ die on friday and be raised on Sunday Morning when the scripture say's that He would be in the grave Three days & three Nights according to... more

Revelation 17:5 Babylon was & is a City along with it's creator Nimrod, who desired to make a name for his-self, which sums up to Fame. Genesis 11: 4 It is Fame & it's Authority that the mystical religious entity wants to impower... more

2 Chronicles 15: 3 The Bible clearly states that after yhe break up of the tribes of Israel that they experienced a long period of time without a True God, without teaching Priest & without Law. How could this happen Church? Well Israel... more

2 Corinthians6:15-16 Easter has a Husband & Lord by the name of Baal, Baalim, Belial, Bel or Baalzebub which all equal up to the name Satan, you know the Devil. These name are adversaries to Jesus Christ & the Christian, so why... more

Acts 12: 1 -5 Easter=Eostre whch is named Ostara who was a Anglo-Saxon Goddess but comes from the Ancients such as Semiramis, Inanna, Ishtar,Isis, Astare, Asharoth, Queen Of Heaven, Diana & Mother Mary. There are many... more

Ephesians 4: 4-6 The Lord's Supper Or Communion is defined as simply Felowship which if you would look into this matter it was originally called Passover & still today is Passover. We as former Gentiles ar not required to celebrate... more

Ephesians 4: 4-6 Christians, the Bible lets us know that there are one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one baptism; One God & one Father of all, who is o0ver all and in all. Woo!, what a amazing text that explain this in plain language... more