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Return Date Correction: May 11 2014. Contact Me Here: rvgcontactme @ (I delete/ignore all messages sent within the BlogTalkRadio system) As a boy in approximately 1970, while looking at the Moon through a small backyard telescope, I suddenly saw The Ancient Object, a big forward rolling place that crosses down in front of the Moon, once again in front of the Moon, "obscuring the Moon's disc." My Mississauga Sighting. A complete and total lucky fluke to be sure, but I did see the big ancient place come rolling down. I saw the ancient Standing Stone Craters and I saw the big main shadow. Also I did see the sight of what the first instant in the distance of the Moon's suddenly changed light looks like, and I did see the first part of the incredible visual spectacle that the big rolling place generates with the Moon's suddenly fantastically changed now incredible Lasting Light! I saw the Ancient Object Of The Crossing Down between the Earth and the Moon. Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know the basic idea of what actually happens when the Ancient Object returns, & crosses down in front of the Moon. Find in point form, Return Viewer's Guide #1, approximately 20% of the way down my page; Return Viewer's Guide For Use With A Small Backyard Telescope

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ReturnViewersGuide #3 (continued)

I am going to continue by reading from ReturnViewersGuide #3

ReturnViewersGuide #2 continued from paragraph/section #45.

In ReturnViewersGuide #2 I expand on the details I provide in ReturnViewersGuide #1 All Five ReturnViewerGuides are located on this... more

Christmas Eve, I am going to read some return descriptions from my Return Guide Book, and my original website http://www.returnviewersguide.
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