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12 Days Left Till May 11, 2014

  • Broadcast in History



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May 11, 2014 may see the ancient celestial object of old return and roll down across between the Earth and the Moon. If it does our present era will end. Forty four years ago in 1970 I saw the ancient object of the crossing down and I saw the changed and Lasting light event that it causes to occur. Forty for years before my sighting German amateur astronomer Mr. W. Spill saw a celestial object he described as the Earth's second moon, obscuring our moons disc. You know that there just aren't that many objects that are out there that are capable of obscuring the moon's disc as seen from the Earth.

Even if the May 11/14 Return date is not correct that would have no effect on the accuracy of the details I provide concerning what future viewers can expect to see during a Return Event. The things that happen and the sights that are seen happen over and over again with each return orbit down in exact detail! By describing what I saw I am also describing what future viewers are going to see. I am not predicting what will be seen. Instead I have realized that the detailed sights that are seen during a return event repeat in exact detail every time the shadows are cast into the changed light. This is a basic fact so I know I can provide details concerning what future viewers can expect to see by describing what I saw. Once again that's all I'm doing, I'm not somehow making a prediction concerning the detailed changed light sights that a viewer of a return event sees.

Going back to 2005 I finally figured out a way to get started and now it could very well be that the ancient forward rolling object is very nearly back and ready to cross down through our solar system again. The ancient object's next return orbit down across in front of the moon will happen again and as always it will be spectacular beyond comparison and all imagination!
No matter what that return date turns out be be!