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The Ancient Man Of Light

  • Broadcast in History



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The ancient Maya aren't wrong, it's the people who think the Maya calendar is somehow about the end of the world who are wrong. Just like all the Ancient People, the Ancient Maya were focussed of predicting and seeing the Ancient Object of  the Crossing Down Between the Earth And The Moon. And in particular they were always focussed on seeing the incredible Changed and Lasting Light event that the Ancient Object causes with the light from the Moon when it crosses down in front of the Moon. Because I am able to understand that the Ancient Object I saw orbits, I know that the Object I saw will return and cross down between the Earth and Moon once again.

When I describe the sights I saw during the Object's last Return orbit down, I am also describing exactly what future viewers will see the next time the Ancient Object crosses down between the Earth.

The Ancient Object was here "Obscuring the Moon's disc," May 24, 1926. I believe I saw the Ancient Object of The Crossing Down the evening of May 18, 1970. I predict that the Object I saw and describe will return once again three nights before the full Moon, May, 2014.

As a 10 year old boy in 1970, while looking at the Moon through a small backyard telescope, I suddenly saw The Ancient Object, a big forward rolling place that crosses down in front of the Moon, once again in front ... of the Moon, "obscuring the Moon's disc." A complete and total lucky fluke to be sure, but I did see the big ancient place come rolling down. I saw the ancient Standing Stone Craters and I saw the big main shadow. A vertically standing crater rim piece casts the big main shadow and then the big main shadow sculps and shapes and creates the first sight of the muscular human form, "The Man Of Light," The Awesome Good,  at the heart and root of ancient & modern religion. This is what all the big ancient fuss was actually all about!