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ReturnViewersGuide #2 Part 5

  • Broadcast in History



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The light from the raised area that eventually formed the overhang seems to somehow remain in the upper area of the scene and it's as if the raised area has stopped rolling towards you while at the same time the scene in the bottom of the viewfinder expands downward continuing towards you. The effect is like the light from the top of the scene is suddenly remaining in place while at the same time the light from the bottom of the scene continues forward and down. This effect seems to cause the object to suddenly remain in place and at the same time open wide open. A very noticeable valley effect is also now seen to the left in the viewer. The object's surface that precedes the raised area somehow now looks like it is a natural part of the valley as well. The way that the object looks is as if it is some sort of giant snail is extremely pronounced and somehow greatly exaggerated at this point before the "black spot of the shadow," has made it's sudden appearance. Even though the object's surface with it's fantastic craters on the left looks strikingly different than the sight of the immense valley to the right, they seem to flow and blend together naturally and together the left and right become all the same place. At least that's how the effect appeared to me. 16. Suddenly, and it startled me to see something happening, a large black spot appears, clinging to the "ceiling," up under the newly formed overhang. At first I did not realize that the black spot was a shadow. I had never seen a shadow behaving this way before. Because of it's strange unfamiliar action, the way it spread outwards and thickened as it gathered in more ceiling area under the still growing overhang I just watched not knowing what it was. 17. As it turns out the Sun is basically directly behind and I think, slightly above the viewer at this point. The shadow is behaving normally and naturally but I simply had never seen a shadow cast in such an unusual way before. returnviewersguide.ca