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ReturnViewersGuide #2 Part 3

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9. Based on my guess that the full eclipse had probably started only a few seconds before my view started, and based on my guess that only a few seconds passed from the time I first saw the object until the Moon emerges as the valley, I am going to guess that the valley starts approximately eight or ten seconds after the object fully eclipses the Moon. It could very well be a few seconds more. 10. The object continues to basically roll at you. Eventually I did realize that the object was going to miss me once it had moved further to the right in the viewer, eventually passing through the middle of the viewer and after it had dropped down lower. Looking through the telescope, I had no sense of respective, concerning many things including size speed and distance. This is a very difficult thing for me to understand and explain. I do know that looking through a telescope does effect how one perceives such things as speed and the size or scale of such things as fast moving large object's that are traveling by at a great distance. 11. Before I bent over for my turn, I suddenly noticed that it was as if a bright light had been switched on inside the telescope's view finder. The object's surface itself is so bright that as I was bending over for my next turn, before I actually looked through the telescope, I could clearly see the inside of the eyepiece and how it was constructed and how it looked all screwed together. The inside of the telescope's eyepiece was totally, completely illuminated. After standing, waiting in the dark for my turn the sudden brightness when my view started was a shock for my eye. At the first few seconds at this early point I remembered thinking that my eye was not uncomfortable and I noticed that I could continue to look at the extreme brightness of the object's surface. 12.As the object's raised area comes over the top of the object towards the viewer, the surface suddenly starts to seem as if it is tipping towards you instead of rolling at you.