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ReturnViewersGuide #2 Part 1

  • Broadcast in History



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1. A massive forward rolling crater covered brightly illuminated moon coloured object, rolls down from the area of space above and to the left of the Moon. 2. The object is traveling at a tremendous speed. Once the object enters the area within the distance of the Moon's orbit it will pass down towards the viewer's lower right and disappear below the Earth's horizon as it travels toward the area of space below the Sun in just a very few short minutes at the longest. Exactly how many minutes? I don't know. The object is here within the distance of the Moon's orbit for a very short time as it crosses from the upper left to the lower right. 3. Although I have no idea how accurate this is, I read that in ancient times, using the naked eye, the object was visible for a total of one hour from the time it was first sighted up till the point that it disappeared from view below and to the right of the Earth as it continues down towards the region below the Sun. 4. I believe the object may be slightly taller the way it rolls. The object's surface has an area that I call the raised feature. As the object rolls forward this raised feature comes up from behind the object and travels over the top towards the viewer, then rolls down towards the viewer and goes down under again on it's way around behind and then it comes up from behind the object and then reemerges from over the top of the object once again as the object continues it's constant forward rolling action. 5. The object first covers the upper left corner of the Moon. The lower right area of the Moon is the last part of the Moon to be covered. The object crosses between the Earth and Moon at a very low angle. Because of this low crossing angle, the object has time to roll towards the viewer while continuing to obscure the Moon.