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The Object Part 1

  • Broadcast in History



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(At the time I did this podcast May 1/10 I did not understand that the Object was Theia and that during it's giant impact with the early earth the Object was not absorbed into the earth's core instead it survived and continued to orbit. At that time I thought that somehow the Object, moon and earth had all formed together and I hadn't realized the obvious. I wish I had looked into the Giant Impact Theory in depth earler because maybe I would have realized that the Object is actually Theia) As it turns out there is an Object. For the first part of my life, growing up I did not understand that the Object was unknown. Overtime I began to see that somehow I was going to have to figure out a way to report and describe what I saw. The very difficult reality of the sight of the Changed Light from the Moon as it presents itself' over the Object's upper right horizon was and is as always, a very difficult complicating factor to talk about and hear. It's not just the Object there's the incomparable sight of the Moon's Changed Light. The incredible very fast moving very massive forward rolling crater covered moon coloured very intimidating retrograde Object will be back. I understand that this fact alone will not be believed never mind the sights within and out of the Changed Light from the Moon. There is very little that I can do except describe the sights I saw. Once the Object is once again within sight it will be instantly apparent that the Object I describe is one and the same. At that point it will be realized that my descriptions of the Object are in fact accurate. There will be no question about it. At that point it may or may not be possible for people to then take the next logical step. The rest of my descriptions concerning the Moon's Changed Light are as accurate and as reliable as the descriptions I offer concerning the Object itself, plain and simple.