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Damage Caused By Satellites?

  • Broadcast in History



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Damage Caused By Satellites? (To The oval shaped Lasting Light Firmament.) can't possibly hope to know all the answers to the questions I try to ask on my returnviewersguide.ca page, "Damage Caused By Satellites?" I can take some guesses and ask some questions. I can also try to guess what some of the answers to those possible questions might be. - Does the plain, the firmament, the oval shaped area of light that is the light from the surface of the Moon, after it has been transported towards the Earth and then after it has emerged out of the mountain, actually finally come into contact with the outer edges of the upper reaches of the Earth's atmosphere? - Could the bottom reaches of this area of lasting light ultimately extend lower than the outer edges of the upper reaches of the earth's atmosphere? - Does the oval shaped plain come into contact with the Earth's atmosphere? It looks to me as though this is a 50/50 situation. Either the oval lasting light area brought forth, the plain, or firmament, does directly interact with the Earth's atmosphere or it doesn't interact with the Earth's atmosphere. Perhaps the area of Lasting Light that is ultimately brought forth remains at some great distance from the Earth while at the same time appearing to be close to the Earth as far as Earth bound viewers are able to perceive. The firmament, the oval area of lasting light that is the light from the surface of the Moon emerges, then unfolds and is presented, after it is brought forth, out of the column of light that contained and transported it directly towards the Earth from over the object's upper right horizon.