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ReTooling For Our Coming of Ag

Retooling For Our Coming of Age


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Hosts Jeff Dunphy and Jamine Aponte delve into the esoteric - combining the metaphysical with current events. Listen weekly as Jeff and Jamine, discuss a range of topics in an effort to help find solutions and provide tools for the 'Everyday Human' as we move into this New Age; The Age of Aquarius where the earth plane is not only experiencing a shift in energy, but also a shift in mass consciousness. Don't miss it!

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if those things that influenced us were all brought into the light so we could better understand ourselves? Just as discovering a food allergy can change our physical well being, perhaps if we can discover our Thought... more

Join Jeff today as he walks through some of the current happenings of the global economy and how its impact on everyone on the planet is imminent and needs the world's attention.

The art of living a truly inquisitve life is a necessity to the enlightened being. Asking Good Questions turns on the light in an otherwise dimly lit world which is mired in the fog of "Main Stream Media" propoganda.

Jeff speaks to an ancient approach of how to mindfully live and harmoniously participate in the Way of an enlightened Being.

Jeff and Jamine discuss some interesting currents events and how and why we should be paying attention

Jeff & Jamine discuss the noisiness of the world and how it detracts from our being present. Social Media, television and umteen distractions make for an interesting challenge to our lives. They look into its effects and how to extricate... more

This week Jeff and Jamine discuss the 20 things that are experienced when an individual is on the path to embodying their Higher Self, Genius, or Soul. Listen along as we discuss the things that manifest into awareness when one is on... more

Jeff discusses some global current affairs that are in need of attention. Certain things are happening around the world that the media ignores and the general population should be paying attention to.

Jeff & Jamine discuss how embracing an impersonal approach to things is useful and progressive.

Have you ever wondered about the roles you play - or even how sometimes how your role plays you. Listen in on the conversation between Jeff & Jamine as they examine this topic.