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This show is designed to help people that may be struggling with self. We use techniques such as metaphysics, astrology, tarot reading's, quantum physics and Chakra systems to help people gain their spirituality. Returning back within is our main goal.

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How do you overcome problems that you either took on or created yourself? What is a test and why do we have them? What is an obstacle and are they placed in front of us to train us or strength us? We are going to discuss some of the... more

What is the history behind these fraternity's? Where did all of it originate from? What does the symbols mean and where did they come from? Why do most fraternity's practice hazing? We are going to take a deeper look at all of these... more

Black people need to stop with all this skin color non-sense. They claim dark skinned women have attitudes. They claim that light skinned women are easy. You have dark women hating on light women. You have people assuming that... more

We are going to throw out some problems that brutha's face and give solutions. They claim we are users, players, gay, dead beat dads, thugs and uneducated. Lets look at these problems and come up with solutions to these problems to... more

Dr. Umar Johnson has a plan to develope a school for the Black Youth. Many say it will never happen and what happen to all of the donations? Minster Farrahkan claims that they have a business plan to own their own banks, gardens, stores... more

Now that your awake Queen's and your ultimate quest is to explore your higher self. Would you step outside of that and date another race? If so why or why not? We are going to discuss our journeys and how we viewed men when we were... more

Did you know that around the time that gangsta rap hit the streets a lot of Prison's were being built? Why? From our understanding there was a meeting with a few famous rappers that explained how the agenda would work. So many killings... more

So now they have scared the nation with more bull crap. Its funny how they come up with scare tactics just to make money. We are going to discuss Ebola on a conscious level. What should we do when we get sick? Should we take these... more

Why do we choose the men we date? Do most of us judge relationships based off of looks or material items? How can you judge a relationship and assume the women is to good for the man? Why and how do we create preferences? We... more

Why do we respect the dead such as Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey or Huey Newton? Are they doing anything for us now? How come we cant honor and respect those that are living thats out trying to promote a difference in our... more