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This show is designed to help people that may be struggling with self. We use techniques such as metaphysics, astrology, tarot reading's, quantum physics and Chakra systems to help people gain their spirituality. Returning back within is our main goal.

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We are going to take you on a journey with music from different eras. How did these songs make you feel? What memory does it place you in? Does this music feel good to the soul? How does the music of today make you feel? What does it mean to have soul. We will dig deep within to display how music effects the soul and our generations. Lets have some fun this evening and vibe to some good soul music. Tune in!!
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We are going to disucss a few abuse cases just to see if it was justfied or not. Women we do provoke men, we do push buttons. But with all that being said should our men still hit us? Do we sometimes overreact to situations that leads... more

Who are you and what do you stand for? We have let society mold is in to believing that we are the same as everyone else. We have allowed society to promote self hate on us. Why cant we be proud to be African? Why are we... more

The story of slavery doesn't add up. They told us that we were brought to America on ships. They told us that Christopher Columbus discovered America. They created such a story to place African Americans in a state of mind of believing... more

Some of us were born in the darkness. The choices we made either made life better or ruined life. Alot of us die spiritual, giving up hope, no growth no self love just lost. Some of us want to change but feel that our love ones or society will... more

The saying " blood is thicker than water" does not apply with most these days. Your family could be your worst enemy, is this true? Should you fight for a family that's already broken? What does the word family mean? Should we create our... more

A lot of us are getting instructions from our ancestors. Dreams and visions of the future. Waking up to even numbers. Some of us have been instructed to eat certain herbs and roots. What does all of this mean? Have you noticed that... more

We are going to expose this very special day. The lies that were told. How we all started judging Arabs. Funny how they told us one thing and we find out many years later a different story. What happend to Osama Bin Laden? We are... more

Ever wonder who was really on that plane that went missing? It was said that there were scientist on the plane and their destination was an island to test out what has been hanging out of the sky. Are we paying attention to whats really... more

Do women lie more than men or do women know how to lie better? Should men question women the same way question men why they are on date? Is there certain questions that should be asked on the first date? Do men worry if the... more

The music we listen to, the TV show's that we watch, the gossip, the foods we eat and the chemicals we put in our bodies, could these items be some of the things that's destroying our melanin? What can we do to rebuild or mellanin?... more