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True Restoration XXII: St. Thomas Aquinas

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Thomas Aquinas – scholar and saint.

While St. Thomas Aquinas has remained a highly controversial figure in the Church's intellectual battles ever since he died, and is a shibboleth, almost, in terms of discovering neo-modermists before Vatican II, it is sometimes forgotten that as well as being the Universal Doctor of the Church he is also its Angelic Doctor, and a great saint and mystic – indeed shortly before he died he abandoned work on his Summa, because he felt that the spiritual revelations that had been given to him made his intellectual work into so much "straw." In this show we are very pleased to welcome back His Excellency Bp. Daniel Dolan to discuss St. Thomas the man and saint, and to try to get a fuller picture of the man in the context of his times, and his deeply felt spirituality.

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