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Our monthly episode of Francis Watch with Bishop Sanborn & Father Cekada. Show title and description TBA
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From the Pulpit XXV: Holy Week (Part II) Stations of the Cross & Spiritual Reading On this episode of From the Pulpit, we welcome once again Fr. Bernard Uttley, OSB who takes us through the conclusion of his lenten series with the... more

From the Pulpit XXIV: Holy Week (Part I) Daily Crosses & What the Mass should Mean to Catholics On this episode of From the Pulpit, we welcome Fr. Bernard Uttley, OSB, pastor of Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in London,... more

Nowa religia i katolicka odpowiedz, III: Magisterium i nieomylnosc Kosciól Bozy jest Nauczycielka narodów, on jest ostoja niezmiennej prawdy. Z ustanowienia Bozego uczestniczy w Boskiej misji Chrystusa i jako jedna z nim... more

The Liturgical Year IV: The Feast of the Ascension On this month's episode of The Liturgical Year, we will examine the Feast of Ascension Thursday, which is so important that it is still to this day a public holiday in formerly Catholic France.... more

Work of Human Hands III: Latin to the Vernacular - Lost in Translation On this month's episode of Work of Human Hands, we will be continuing on to Chapter 4, which discusses what exactly was lost in the translation from the Latin to the... more

From the Pulpit XXIII: Getting the Most Out of Holy Week On this episode of From the Pulpit, we welcome back Father Kevin Vaillancourt. His conference is given on building the interior life through meditation, prayer, and following the liturgy.... more

Clerical Conversations on the Crisis XI: Annulments and the Catholic Order of the Household On this month's episode of Clerical Conversations on the Crisis, we will tackle two topics that are both timely and topical. As time marches on and... more

Pastoralia IV: How to Live and Work with Non-Catholics In this episode of Pastoralia we're going to take on the difficult subject of how to live, work, and get along with people who don't just differ in belief from us, but may be actively... more

Liturgical Year Episode III: Palm Sunday & Maundy Thursday On this month's episode of the Liturgical Year we will dive into two very important days in the Church's calendar. First we will discuss Palm Sunday: its history, traditions, and... more

Root of the Rot II: The Beginnings of Modernity (1274-1517 A.D.) On the last episode of Root of the Rot, we looked at the flourishing and growth of Christendom from its legalization, then endorsement, from the soon-to-die... more
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