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Universal Awkng Consciousness

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Drawing attention to the increase of spiritual awakening spreading around the globe. Invites audience feedback, FREE Clairvoyant Readings and much more! www.rescuerangersopes.com

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It has been said that there are beings that walk among us who possess no soul. Many people claim to have been in the presence of such beings. There are reports of beings that present themselves as human but have no soul, no divine... more

Special Saturday Evening Broadcast!!! Society today presents us with high food, clothes, and gas prices while dealing with a downward spiral of employment. Have you ever wondered why we're still sinking deeper and deeper into... more

This is as subject that many have pondered. Religions teach that one should not ask or explore out of respect and reverence to the creator of all that is. Other belief sects have their own interpretation of whom or what this supernatural... more

?You are here to provide a GIFT to this world. Until you present your TRUE self in this world your present will remain unopened.? This is a quote from a website found during our research on this week's broadcast topic. This is a truth... more

The western world holds a huge population of people who believe that the Holy Bible was inspired by God. There are additional, more ancient books that existed before the Bible was written. These books are also considered sacred by other... more

Religion, the Most Powerful Mind Manipulator: WHY? Have you ever wondered where religion came from? I mean, what civilization thought of the concept of worshiping a deity, something bigger than them? Yes, we are very aware of... more

Here it is folks, our come back is a biggy'! Yes, we've been busy offline and are now returning to provide you with even more information that will spiritually forearm you. This broadcast is meant to universally enlighten many on the... more

What did you intend to achieve last year in 2013; did you reach that goal? Many people reached their personal goals for the past year and many did not. I'm not hear to talk about those who did reach their intended goals. I'm happy and... more

We've been telling you that the evidence is out there that the life you live, the world you ?Think? you know is not real. The experience we call ?life? is a simulation of who we really are. It is a lie pulled over your eyes to blind you from... more

We promised that we would bring you live coverage of our Spring Enlightenment show. Unfortunately, we were unable to do so due to wireless internet access from the fair site location. However, we were able to interview some of our... more
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