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Religion/Belief Systems: Is Scripture Really Inspired By God

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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Religion, the Most Powerful Mind Manipulator: WHY?
Have you ever wondered where religion came from?  I mean, what civilization thought of the concept of worshiping a deity, something bigger than them?  Yes, we are very aware of history reports regarding the first methods of worshiping, how it started out with physical statues representing a supreme deity.  Somehow it went from that to extreme belief patterns in our modern society.  It does make you wonder if those who built the first statue of a supposed supreme deity carried the though pattern that if others didn’t believe as they did, about the statue they built, then the person was doomed to an eternity of bad luck, or whatever they called it in that age.

This is a very touchy subject for many.  At this very moment there exist on the planet are billions of people who carry strong belief systems surrounding the theology written from books called sacred.  Why is this?  It goes without saying that one has a plethora of religions to choose nowadays, and that these theologies form our personalities, morals, and belief patterns throughout the journey we call life. Some believe so deeply in their choice of religion they consider others doomed for their disbelief.  Is it just that we, as humans, want to believe in something…feel or think we must believe in something, or is it that there is more to this particular story than we’ve bothered to examine?

Join Charene, Spiritual Life Coach she takes a look at what many shy away from discussing due to the politics of belief factors surrounding this topic.  If you’ve listen to in on the broadcast before you may have already gleaned that she's not one to shy away from such a passionate subject.