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The American Republic

The American Republic


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The Republic for the United States of America is re-inhabited and is the only lawful civil authority for the United States of America.

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Today we live in a brave new world where words have been twisted and changed to mean something never intended by the founding fathers. Ideas of natural law and un-alienable rights have been morphed into collectivist and corporatist... more

As a continuation of last month's appearance by Elaine Willman and Lawrence Kogan to discuss SB 2012, we shall look at the nearly 400 amendments that were included in the massive 792 page bill. We will discuss the lack of citizen input... more

With the vote by British subjects to reject European Union government controlled by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, a new sense of national pride and independence from outside control has sparked an anti-globalist movement... more

Since Charles Darwin, popular progressive scientists have held that humans are no more important than any other animal species, and that although capable of remarkable intelligence, have no real claim to supremacy over the rest of the... more

The prosecutorial pass given to Hillary Clinton by FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch illustrate how the law can be abused in ways that create a real security risk to all members of the intelligence community, national... more

Poorly reasoned and written bills dealing with Indigenous People, U.S. Forest Management, Reservation Water Rights, and Tribal Governments have been funneled through the U.S. Congress and Senate over the past year and are... more

In 2010 President Obama became a signatory of the UN Indigenous Peoples Treaty without the constitutionally required ratification of the U.S. Senate, and began to insert the UN treaty language into Executive Branch and... more

We are seeing a fundamental transformation of America that is changing our basic institutions from a system based on the rights of individuals under rule of law, to a collectivist system that recognizes the rights of the collective as... more

By popular demand, Bob Fanning will be returning to the subjects of stocks, bonds, futures markets, derivatives and the manipulation of financial markets to the advantage of a few. Bob will explain how markets work and how... more

Terrorism has become the focus of much of our political energy and national resources since the events of 9/11, and the more we do to fight terrorism, the farther we seem to drift from a solution. We are now in our fifteenth year of a... more