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Reptile Radio has gained some incredible popularity within the reptile industry along with outside the hobby. Reptile Radio's massive listener base combined with some of the most well known herpetologists, reptile keepers and breeders as guests week in and week out, is what has driven Reptile Radio to the success it's had. Five times featured as a top program on Blogtalkradio and consistently ranked in the top 100 shows on Blogtalkradio. Tune in every Saturday night at 12:00am (est) Be sure to check back often for the "Quick Blast" shows during the week.

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Ball Python enthusiasts all seem to dream a similar dream in which they fantasize about their favorite species to keep and breed. Many have confided in me about how thrilled they would be to someday be able to discover a cool new... more

So many Carpet python fans out there... and why not? Carpet pythons are beautiful small to mid-sized Australian pythons that are available in many vibrant color and pattern morphs. Though somewhat high strung when young, they... more

Herp fans around the world love American garter snake morphs, yet for some reason, most American hobbyists don't get juiced up when somone says "garter snake." Maybe the cosmopolitan distribution of this common genus here in The... more

Many Herpers just starting out fall into this trap; the suddenly realize they love all reptiles and want to keep anything and everything they can get their hands on. For many, this can end in disaster, as the myriad species available in the pet... more

Ever been to a breeder's website to find the virtual cobwebs of years-old prices, and a "last-updated" date that you need to an expired calendar to locate? It's understandable that this can happen, keeping current photos and prices on your... more

Most loyal Reptile Radio fans agree, there's something about attending a herp show that's always exciting. Yet though many of us are seasoned veterans when it comes to making the rounds at our favorite local, regional,or... more

It's something almost every Ball Python officionado dreams of... working with captive hatched stock, and being able to unlock your own cool new mutation. However, something doesn't necessarily need to be entirely new to be coveted... more

The Reptile Report and Ship Your Reptiles are household names... if your household happens to be a herp haven! Now, the fellas from Pro Exotics, Chad Brown and Robyn Markland, have created what they claim will be a whole new... more

Many Reptile Radio fans think of one guy when they hear the name Ozzy. That's Ozzy, of Ozzyboids! ... and when they think of Ozzy of Ozzyboids, they likely have colorful images of Orange Dream Ball Python combinations crawling around... more

So many reptile and amphibian keepers seem to be pre-programmed for the fascination they have with their charges. Most tell stories that from a very young age, they were smitten both with dinosaurs, and the extant terrestrial... more
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